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  • Some of them are 8000 feet above sea-level.
  • Compassberg is over 9200 feet above sea-level.
  • Acchahuari is 13,056 feet above the sea level.
  • Shall the waterway be a sea-level or a lock canal?
  • Its elevation is 5280 feet above sea level.
  • Opposition to the sea-level project proved of no avail.
  • The central shafts had sunk far below sea-level.
  • This is a high mountain 7,400 feet above sea level.
  • The loftiest peaks are 10,000 feet above sea-level.
  • There must exist a vast region lying high above sea-level.
  • The altitude of the Junction is 3860 feet above sea-level.
  • These Geysers are nearly 400 feet above sea level.
  • Elevation of Zermatt above sea-level, 5,315 feet.
  • Titicaca Lake, its elevation above sea-level, 236.
  • N. of Asuncion, and about 345 ft. above sea-level.
  • Elevation of Riffelberg Hotel above sea-level, 8,429 feet.
  • Elevation of the Gorner Grat above sea-level, 10,289 feet.
  • Sea level.
  • No mountain on the earth has such an elevation above sea-level.
  • Unnamed hills are numbered on the map by their height above sea-level.
  • The average elevation is about 4600 feet above the sea-level.
  • The average reading of the barometer at the sea level is 760 mm.
  • Jumping from sea level to a mile in the air makes a chap sleepy.
  • For weeks the elevations above sea-level had been steadily mounting upward.
  • Three of the trunk glaciers descend to within a few feet of the sea-level.
  • The summit of the pass is about seven thousand feet above sea-level.
  • They also prove to be many feet below the present sea-level.
  • The general altitude of this part of the country is 4300 feet above sea-level.
  • It is known to stand at a height of about ten thousand feet above sea level.
  • It is set in a gigantic amphitheatre two thousand feet above sea level.
  • The elevation averages 4500 feet above sea-level, which is the cause.
  • Height of this station by aneroid barometer, 4970 feet above sea-level.
  • The road reaches the unusual elevation of 12,183 feet above sea level.
  • A part of it is only a little above sea-level, and behind that strip is a hill.

How To Use Sea Level In A Sentence?

  • We may have a snowstorm on a high mountain when we have extreme heat at sea-level.
  • It would have been a sheer impossibility to round the point at or slightly above sea-level.
  • Immediately behind it stands a hill with an elevation of about nine hundred feet above sea-level.
  • Science places the line of eternal snow at about ten thousand feet above sea-level.
  • The aneroid showed that we were seven thousand six hundred feet above the sea level.
  • The final vote was seventy-five in favor of and eight opposed to a sea-level canal.
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