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How To Use Seaman In A Sentence?

  • Her passengers had the same confidence in her that a good seaman has in his ship.
  • In the midst of these operations the seaman sentry began signalling frantically.
  • No doubt there is a difference between a seaman on a ship and a factory hand in a factory.
  • On the ship was a seaman about his own age whose face somewhat resembled his own.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seaman | Seaman Sentence

  • But the seaman was wrong.
  • A seaman bent over the body.
  • The courageous seaman was drowned in the sea.
  • Then the seaman very obligingly began to do as he was bid.
  • The seaman took a step forward.
  • Without stood a seaman on sentry duty.
  • He began walking up and down in seaman fashion.
  • The seaman looked after him in open amazement.
  • The dead seaman was reverently disposed and covered.
  • He was a fine seaman and familiar with armed vessels.
  • It was the great seaman whimpering pitifully in the dark.
  • As if a seaman were ever anything else but indigent!
  • The old seaman whispered a few words to his neighbour.
  • But here a seaman interrupted, staring blankly.
  • A seaman shook his old head wise and grey.
  • What bores a seaman through....
  • The seaman touched his temple in an old-fashioned salute.
  • Here a British seaman interrupted.
  • The point of view of a seaman was, and is, different.
  • Every seaman was pressed and sent to Toulon.
  • Do I meet with a blind seaman and not stand him?
  • A seaman in Turkish uniform was swimming for dear life.
  • Sacrificed Seaman to Gods.
  • The seaman was accompanied by Archie Sinclair.
  • The Dutch seaman was sailor, fighter, and trader combined.
  • Able Seaman Runkle was another absorbed window-gazer.
  • These were the seaman Jenkins and Archie Sinclair.
  • There were some who did not believe what the bold seaman said.
  • The seaman and travelers awaited their end with lamentations.
  • Is it any wonder that the gallant seaman was popular with his followers?
  • Rainey turned over the wheel to a seaman and paced the deck.
  • Tremulously a seaman attached it; it was whirled out as if by a locomotive.
  • The bare heels of the seaman trailed on the floor noiselessly.
  • But the poor mad seaman stared upon it with an ignorant vagueness.
  • Muttering under his breath, the seaman tramped back up on deck.
  • Barcroft preceded the seaman up the shingled path leading to the watch house.

Definition of Seaman

A mariner or sailor, one who mans a ship. Opposed to landman or landsman. | (Britain, Navy) A person of the lowest rank in the Navy, below able seaman. | (US, Navy) An enlisted rate in the United States Navy and United States Coast Guard, ranking below petty officer third class and above seaman apprentice.
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