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  • The sear days had come.
  • All here was sear under the late autumnal frosts.
  • An irrational sear of jealousy jetted through me.
  • A smoking sear had appeared as if by magic across it.
  • It seemed to burn and sear its way into her soul.
  • Put into deep kettle, sear or brown.
  • The cold of the icy haze seemed to sear the skin.
  • The garden was now dead and sear in the late October frost.
  • They turned away from the lantern, for it seemed to sear them.
  • I walk over the burning ploughshares, and they sear my feet.
  • Then the final crash, the horrid wave of pain and the sear of the flash-fire.
  • And on her grave's sear grass, There where she lies asleep.

How To Use Sear In A Sentence?

  • Will she not yield to evil, and sear her conscience with the repetition of her wickedness?
  • Grasp the apex of the heart in the forceps and sear the surface of the right ventricle. 14.
  • Will each sear and burn like a blazing dot That eats its way through your tortured head?
  • She would sear him verbally, while he replied in kind, Dodge standing by to listen and admire.
  • Then shall your skin, now pink and dimply, Be tanned to parchment, sear and pimply!
  • Then shall your skin, now pink and dimply, Be tanned to parchment, sear and pimply!
  • But from that hour the tall Myrobolan, Possessed by Kali, stood there, sear and dead.
  • It seemed to sear and blister her very soul with an anguish of repulsion that would scar her memory for all time.
  • The first essential in cooking is to sear the outside in order to retain the juices and then cook slowly until tender.
  • Grief felt the sting and sear of a bullet across the skin of his shoulder, and knew that his own shot had missed.
  • Wipe with a clean, wet cloth and sear all over by placing in a hot frying pan and turning until all the surface is browned.
  • Heat a large skillet very hot, grease with a bit of fat from the meat and quickly sear and brown the meat on all sides.
  • I say, with all the resolution, with all the exertion of every one of those good feelings which you would sear and benumb.
  • But every thought of the one woman whose image was forever before him could sear and lacerate his heart almost beyond endurance.
  • Among the sombre hermits she appears Like a fresh bud 'mid sear and yellow leaves.
  • A small hardy weed had grown upon their heads in tufts; withered and sear with the winter, it still hung there.
  • Among the sombre hermits she appears Like a fresh bud 'mid sear and yellow leaves.
  • The next morning the party, issuing from a narrow gorge, came upon a long valley, sear and burnt with the shadeless heat.
  • The washes and stream-beds were bleached and dry; the brush was sear and yellow and dust laden; the mescal stalks seemed withered by hot blasts.
  • Must then the fire for aye, Deliberately kindled and supplied With hellish sulphur, sear my tortured soul!
  • Their lips he touched with a live coal from the altar of his muse, so that their words fire the heart with their flaming zeal or sear it with their despair.
  • He was standing between her and the sharp tongues of those waiting people, already licking hungrily in their awakened suspicion, ready to sear her fair name like flames.
  • At length we got into a burned district where the tall dead spruces stood sear and ghastly, and the ground was so thickly strewn with fallen trees that we had difficulty in threading a way through them.
  • The mother groaned with anguish; she measured what these were about to suffer, by all she began to suffer herself; and the sight of them seemed to sear the burning eyes which could no longer weep.

Definition of Sear

Dry; withered, especially of vegetation. | (transitive) To char, scorch, or burn the surface of (something) with a hot instrument. | To wither; to dry up.
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