Seared In A Sentence

How To Use Seared In A Sentence?

  • She had now an impression of him that seemed as though it had been seared into her mind.
  • Like the flash of the shot itself, they leaped to her brain and seared themselves there.
  • The spectacle of her beauty was such that memories of his sins seared him like thin flames.
  • The ages had passed over and left it scarred and seared but still defiant and inaccessible.
  • He was silent for a few moments, grappling with this new pain that seared him to the heart.
  • Two great tears welled into his bloodshot eyes and trickled slowly down his seared old cheeks.
  • The steam seared into a big mule, and the mule instantly began to plunge and kick.
  • The inner side was seared with a tiny forked red line, slight but unmistakable.
  • The lash descended, missed his handsome face, but seared the horse across its neck.
  • A hideous picture seared its every light and shade on my mind, through my heart, into all my soul.
  • Mrs. Ballinger looked like a proud silver poplar that had been seared by lightning.
  • When heated, place beef rolls in, and when seared on both sides add a small quantity of hot water.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seared | Seared Sentence

  • He had seared himself into my mind.
  • The burnt offering seared her.
  • Sharp pains seared his eyeballs.
  • The word seared itself into her brain.
  • Another flame seared its way through his body.
  • Besides the trees and brush it was seared with ravines.
  • The thought seared itself upon her brain.
  • It brought blessed life to the seared lungs.
  • The cold was so intense it seared him like fire.
  • My throat felt as if seared by a hot iron.
  • His seared old face worked in his distress.
  • The heat seared her flesh and made her wince with pain.
  • His brilliant eyes seared her soul like fire.
  • Cursed be this drop of acid which seared his heart: envy.
  • Faces seared and crumpled with weight of years and nights of debauchery.
  • And only to-day an incident had happened that seared his soul.
  • Pages of burning reproaches which seared the soul of the man who read them.
  • What to him was wind or tempest, when his brain was seared with flame?
  • The sordid duplicity, the rank treachery of it seared and scorched.
  • It seared the eyes; sparks danced when they turned to the earth again.
  • The garment was seared and scorched, and rank with the odor of smoke.
  • The name was there, seared by hot iron in that slab of wood.
  • Ray turned on him with a look that would have seared the Sphinx.
  • Unless something happened, and that quickly, they would be seared to a crisp.
  • It was in August and dry so that the prairie was quite seared over.
  • The bullet seared Martin's cheek.
  • Like a brand of fire, every word seared the reader's brain.
  • A new phase of his danger seared like a flame across the brain of Beaudry.

Definition of Seared

blackened by heat; scorched; burned | simple past tense and past participle of sear
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