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  • I can see that you are not the man you were when we crossed the seas together before.
  • On that great board the prospective tragedies of the seas were thus unfolding before our eyes.
  • While she continued to ship seas over her bow, she was not jerked down so fiercely by her anchors.
  • An orderly succession of huge smooth seas was rolling down upon the coral shore.
  • Remain in his cabin, with the seas shaking the ship from stem to stern, he could not.
  • But we shall not always traverse seas and lands with light purposes, and for pleasure, as we say.
  • Unlike them, he had not come out to the South Seas seeking hearth and saddle of his own.
  • For autumn dusks where dying embers are, For evening seas and slow, returning ships.
  • Once to-day Thou wert in wealthe above mee, nowe the seas have Left us an equall portion.
  • Before he had taken to the seas as a wireless operator he had had some experience as a railroad builder.
  • They now proceeded to withdraw most of their submarines from the high seas and to concentrate them in these restricted waters.
  • All hands held on while the hull upheaved and smashed down on the brittle coral and the warm seas swept over them.
  • He had a great experience of all unlawful things that can be done on the seas and he brought to the practice of them much wisdom and audacity.
  • For though the albatross has been seen in our latitudes, yet the southern seas are his native home.
  • When all was done great cities were laid waste and disease moved across the land and seas to visit all people.
  • How easy with such a car to rescue lives and property from sinking ships, and even patrol the seas in search of them!
  • No Armada in history was ever so perpetually "battle-ready" as the German High Seas Fleet.
  • When the rain came, of course the rivers ran to the seas, and these seas rose and finally covered the world.
  • His descriptions of visible things, of streets and hills, and seas and men, are vivid in his accustomed manner.
  • The waters of Winnipeg have retired from their feet, and they are now mountain ridges rising over seas of verdure.
  • Another resultant of the unprecedented conflict comes from the ethical and religious reactions occasioned by seas of Christian blood.
  • Throughout the year, the green would survive by the watering from the artesian seas beneath the ground, until the next rain came.
  • He had set out over the seas to search for his father, and here, at his first setting foot on the land, his father lay at his feet.
  • If the wind blew strong and the seas ran high, the heavy pans of ice pounding against the hull might crush it in and send the vessel to the bottom.
  • The surface of the ocean, though furrowed by the long deep swell peculiar to seas of vast extent, looked as if oil had been poured upon it.
  • There was another part of the seas in which, for practical and political reasons, the British destroyer fleet had to do protective duty.
  • Fleets held the harbours, and across all the seas from Newfoundland to Dantzic gathered in provisions for the soldiers.
  • Thirty thousand years ago, says a weekly journal, the seas around England were at a higher level than at present.
  • In these great fresh-water seas there is an unlimited quantity of rich and finely flavoured whitefish, or Titameg, besides other fish.
  • This earth is his, to him belong those vast and boundless skies; Both seas within him rest, and yet in that small pool he lies.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seas | Seas Sentence

  • The greenish-grey patches are probably seas and lakes.
  • Then was a grim encounter seen Upon the seas that day.
  • Columbus only sailed through unknown seas to a distant continent.
  • The freedom of the seas is to be guaranteed by an international treaty.
  • The sovereignty of the seas is maintained by the impressment of seamen.
  • She also became mistress of the seas and had no rivals of importance.
  • Mine is one of the hands stretched across seas and hills to you.
  • Their craft would move forward undisturbed by the turbulent seas beneath.
  • Captain Cook continued to traverse these icy seas till the 29th.
  • The quaking earth did quake in rhyme, Seas ebbed and flowed in epic chime.

Definition of Seas

plural of sea
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