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  • How many seasons have we?
  • All parts of the earth do not have seasons such as we have.
  • Hence his seasons of increase and decline.
  • As the swift seasons roll!
  • Trouble seasons the character quickly.
  • In the meantime the seasons gradually rolled on.
  • Such is the joy that seasons paths like these!
  • Two bad seasons had come, one on the end of the other.
  • The Seasons 79 III.
  • At other seasons they roam over the water as other animals roam over the land.
  • The time was determined by natural seasons or by household events.
  • Even if vents are open, this may happen during seasons of rain.
  • There were seasons when the desire left me, but it would come back again.
  • In Morgantown this has been one of the driest seasons on record.
  • It was the man's nature to be silent in seasons of misfortune.
  • What seasons at small theatres--tripots and worse!

How To Use Seasons In A Sentence?

  • They have their seasons of high prosperity, as well as those of deep depression.
  • The mosks were closed, the fast of Ramazan neglected, the solemn seasons of prayer despised.
  • I never saw you before, and for two seasons I have driven mademoiselle in Paris.
  • Heard in mild seasons as early as January, the little dunnock sings as late as August.
  • The Court of the Four Seasons was designed to show the conquest of man over the forces of nature.
  • Must seasons change, and countless years roll on, And thou remain a darksome Ajalon?
  • With thee conversing, I forget all time, All seasons and their change, all please alike.
  • He does not change with the seasons or the weather, nor is there any doubt as to his intentions and demands.
  • Here they flaunted in seasons of prosperity, retiring to their mountain fastnesses in times of trouble.
  • Siskins come at uncertain intervals; and in very severe seasons the snow-bunting is sometimes noticed.
  • He had that sort of knowledge of people and life which seasons talk so well, and suits so many listeners.
  • He held small commerce with his people, and the bad seasons troubled him little until he felt the pinch of them himself.
  • In some cases the illness appears several times in the year, in others at only particular seasons of the year.
  • Staying in these two houses alternately, at different seasons of the year, they passed the rest of their lives.
  • He understood the reluctance of the men to go away during one of the best hunting seasons of the year and could not find fault with them for it.
  • It seemed to him that the prices were something fixed by natural laws, like the return of the seasons or the multiplication table.
  • On most streams destructive floods at certain seasons and low waters at others interfere with navigation during a considerable part of the year.
  • The student for the profession of straightener is required to set apart certain seasons for the practice of each vice in turn, as a religious duty.
  • Winds and rain and long seasons had washed all expression out of old Miller's bronzed face.
  • The latter is bad and tasteless in the Caspian, with the exception of the sturgeon, which abounds during certain seasons of the year.
  • I see in the eyes of my brothers that they have not forgotten the Onontio, who went away to his greater chief only five seasons ago.
  • Mother, forever in vain would then our abundant possessions Prosper before me, and seasons to come be in vain to me fruitful.
  • He held it in his hand, and at certain seasons made outcry, and the twain ceased their combat, which was like the combat of young bulls in spring.
  • In very tempestuous seasons gulls are often blown inland, as far as Manchester, falling when exhausted in the fields.

Definition of Seasons

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of season | plural of season
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