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  • I owe my seat to you.
  • I had already taken my seat at the table.
  • Apafi rose angrily from his seat and paced to and fro.
  • The man in the rear seat had placed the box by his side.
  • Only the seat of the Prince is still vacant.
  • He avoided the seat by the side of Miss Moorsom.
  • Then he had resumed his seat and dashed off into a lively tune.
  • Horridge resumed his seat and held out his hand almost eagerly.
  • Glancing up at the grandstand, she saw the seat just behind hers was empty.
  • He shrugged his shoulders, and got up from his seat and stretched himself.
  • Jessie moaned, sinking back on the seat and covering her face with her hands.
  • Nearly every seat in the house was taken as Jolly began the overture.
  • When I did so, I used to sit and shudder on a back seat in the little hall.
  • The class of '46 was ordered forthwith to the seat of war in Mexico.

How To Use Seat In A Sentence?

  • There was the very garden seat on which he had been enveloped in the radiant spell.
  • The further he withdrew from the seat of his power, the more anxious he became.
  • She left her seat and walked with me towards a painting which hung not far from us.
  • I see it rising above all these, and planting itself in the radiant seat of truth.
  • A boy had risen from a seat by the stove, where he had been amusing himself with a picture book.
  • He was slowly and cautiously backing down from the high seat as I stopped beside the reaper.
  • After a while Thomas rose from the couch, and took his seat by the fire opposite to her.
  • There was but one compact, disciplined, law-ordered nation, and that had its seat on the Tiber.
  • Posed on the seat on which they had first spoken to each other, it was her turn to watch him coming on.
  • The man in front of the machine jumped into the chauffeur's seat and seized the wheel.
  • In this drawing the stationary plug shelf with the plug seat is clearly shown and also the hinged key shelf.
  • She was kneeling with her face bowed forward on her arms, which rested on the seat of one of the low chairs.
  • There was a bench at the far end, lost in shadow, and she was about to seat herself there when she saw that it was already occupied.
  • It was all that a younger woman, the other passenger, could do to hold her in her seat and restrain her from jumping overboard.
  • About half-way between the two parties a shed was now put up, large enough to seat two hundred people.
  • A well-kept, serpentine path winds up the steep rock, and there is a mossy stone seat at every bend.
  • If these legs pass to the upper surface of the seat, and are properly wedged in, a useful yet clumsy seat results.
  • He usually managed to seat himself a little behind her, out of her range of vision, so that his own might rest where it chose, unobserved.
  • Jessie slid off the seat and got hold of the water-jug and tin-cup, then she tried to fill the cup, but the result was disastrous.
  • Wolfert took his seat in a remote part of the room in silence; impressed with profound awe of this unknown, so versed in freebooting history.
  • The manager of the restaurant was staring suspiciously at Burckhardt, who sank back in his seat and tried to look inconspicuous.
  • The frame would now stand alone, and although the seat is formed of thin wood it will not crack, as it is supported all round on the upper frame.
  • I was seated here one evening, when a group of Italians took seat at a table on the opposite side of the saloon.
  • The doctor said nothing, but he also kept his seat and accepted one of the American's cigars.
  • Aunt Lizzie scrambled back into her seat and looked composedly at the drop of blood he offered in evidence, on the corner of his handkerchief.
  • On this were many well-dressed ladies, the seat of honour being filled by Lord Eltonville, who had consented to distribute the prizes.

Definition of Seat

(transitive) To put an object into a place where it will rest; to fix; to set firm. | (transitive) To provide with places to sit. | (transitive) To request or direct one or more persons to sit.
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