Seated In In A Sentence

How To Use Seated In In A Sentence?

  • Carrie Horton was seated in the Wilmer library.
  • Mr Samuel Collyer was seated in his office.
  • Now Nobili has left Nera, seated in the chair.
  • We were seated in about the same manner as previously described.
  • But up to this morning he had never bade her be seated in that room.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seated In | Seated In Sentence

  • Desmond was seated in the window.
  • He was seated in a kiosk.
  • A gentleman and lady were seated in it.
  • Three men were seated in front of the speakers.
  • This village is seated in 9 deg.
  • He was seated in a chair not far from the window.
  • Christoforo was one day seated in the cottage.
  • By degrees all were seated in their appointed places.
  • Will you be seated in the smaller chair near it?
  • She was seated in the old nursery close to the window.
  • Pat was seated in a lounge chair smoking a cigar.
  • Freluchon was seated in it, rowing with all his strength.
  • They found the countess seated in an arm-chair.
  • Was the soul a shadow seated in the house of sin?
  • The youngest children are seated in the first row.
  • The latter was seated in sorrowful meditation in the cabin.
  • Seated in a chair by this doorway was a man, whistling.
  • Sam was seated in front of an open window smoking a cigar.
  • In front of the store two men were seated in the darkness.
  • Harrison was seated in the corner, getting quietly drunk.
  • The old man was seated in a carved oak chair by the fire.
  • And a way being made, he was seated in due time.
  • Jhore was next seen seated in a fig-tree eating the fruit.
  • To be seated in the mean(13) is most desirable.
  • The woman remained seated in the mud, laughing noisily.
  • Padre Vicente was seated in a place of honor.
  • In a twinkling he was seated in his place by Bertie.
  • The chief figure is Christ seated in judgment.
  • I was seated in front with my cousin Lucano next to me.
  • Gilbert found the Pope seated in the midst of an assembly.
  • The Sultan was still seated in the audience chamber.
  • Then he found Mary still seated in the garden.
  • Mrs. Meadowsweet was seated in her arm-chair.
  • He found Hilda seated in her turret-chamber.
  • Mrs. Harrington was seated in a large easy-chair.
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