Secessionist In A Sentence

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  • Quincy, secessionist speech of.
  • When the first gun is fired he will be as warm a secessionist as I am.

How To Use Secessionist In A Sentence?

  • He has been the most active Secessionist in Adair County, and the most desperate one.
  • In one respect the secessionist tendency is dangerous to China herself as well as inconvenient to the powers.
  • Why should we withhold from the just cause of Ireland and Newfoundland the sympathy which England gave to the secessionist slaveholder?
  • He was one of the Prussian refugees of 1848, and, though a hot Jacobin there, became a more bitter secessionist here.

Definition of Secessionist

seceding or supporting secession. | A person who secedes or supports secession from a political union or an alliance or organisation.

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