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  • In a secluded corner they sat down on a gilt settee.
  • It was so quiet and secluded in this old book-lined room.
  • Here, with my daughter, I live a very secluded life.
  • So they came to a secluded spot, where the two boys took off their coats.
  • And we older ones went naked, when we reached secluded places in the woods.
  • So she lived, secluded as a nun, mocked and derided by her inferiors.
  • By comparison with the sea face this secluded nook was a niche in Paradise.
  • Hitherto Rhoda had taken her food off to a secluded corner and eaten it alone.

How To Use Secluded In A Sentence?

  • How this state of society has come about, is inexplicable to me who live secluded in the country.
  • We walked from rock to rock, and over the sand by the sea, to a secluded nook under a cliff.
  • I went out little, only after dark, and in the most secluded parts of the Bois.
  • I bathed in the stream in this old, secluded spot, which I frequent for that purpose.
  • The Lady of Shalott lives secluded in her bower, where she weaves a magic web with gay colors.
  • Somehow the secluded abode of Mr. Travers Nugent had for her that day the attraction of a magnet.
  • It was a pleasant spot beneath a large chestnut tree, quiet and more secluded than any of the others.
  • To that place he withdrew with his twenty thousand disciples, and enjoyed himself in that secluded and delightful retreat.
  • She looked pale and dejected, and seemed as if she longed to leave this secluded spot and return to the metropolis.
  • My most revolutionary talk was with a gray-haired mother of grown children, in a secluded corner of a quiet restaurant.
  • A man knew that his faithless wife went habitually at dusk with another man to a secluded spot under a fallen tree.
  • He sought a secluded place where he could sit down, unseen by any eyes, and read the letter all over again several times.
  • A beautifully told story of the trials of a little backwoods girl who lives in a secluded place with an eccentric uncle, until his death.
  • After a time he came near the end of it without having encountered a watchman, and sat down on a box in a dark, secluded corner.
  • Monks were permanently devoted to their Order, shut up for life in their monastery, and secluded from the world.
  • On the first night at a friend's secluded farm Dalton awoke drenched in cold sweat.
  • I came at the appointed time; the girl let me into the garden and bade me wait in a secluded alley until Arowhena should come.
  • Molly Healy, from her secluded place, strained her ears to catch her brother's answer.
  • It was a long wait, but he dared not risk it by day, and, going back into one of the ravines, he sought a secluded and sheltered place.
  • In one of these fields, not far from the stream, lies a secluded spot that I visit duly from time to time.
  • They removed to the remote and secluded village of Jamestown, in the mountain solitudes of east Tennessee.
  • When Smith had duly disappeared, Sam followed him and found him awaiting him in a secluded spot by the river.
  • She seated herself in a secluded place beneath a beech tree, whose fresh new garments were fluttering in the soft and tender breeze of Spring.
  • Here also was an old rustic bench and table, and they spent several happy mornings in the secluded spot, sewing, reading, and chatting.
  • Some ancestor had dowered him with a love of beautiful things, rugs, pictures, pottery, bronzes, music and a rather secluded life.
  • She was discovered in a most secluded branch of the Rufiji River, and ultimately destroyed by seaplanes and monitors in her impenetrable lair.
  • But along with all this activity and strength, the life of the risen Savior was yet, in another sense, a secluded and hidden life.
  • Indeed, in less than an hour from receipt of his message, I had reached the long, winding, and secluded thoroughfare which he had specified.
  • That afternoon I made a thorough search and found a cavern in the rock close to the beach of a secluded cove which I had overlooked until then.
  • Turning to the left after leaving the house, we came immediately to a road which gave entrance to that secluded oval called The Boltons.
  • It was a pious design to build the little chapel there for the secluded hamlet; and loving thought and care had gone to making the place seemly and beautiful.
  • Carlos apologized for not having accommodation for his guests in his tree-hut, but provided comfortable blankets on the ground and had a fire built for them in a secluded place near the village.

Definition of Secluded

Hidden, isolated, remote. | simple past tense and past participle of seclude
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