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How To Use Seclusion In A Sentence?

  • But at length you were revealed to me in the shadow of a seclusion as deep as my own.
  • One of these is the breaking in on the privacy and seclusion of the individual life.
  • She had only just escaped from the seclusion of school and the drudgery of the classroom.
  • He has been hitherto overcoming the temptations of existence by entire seclusion from them all.
  • Even in her seclusion some news of his frantic attempts to find her had reached her.
  • The very quiet and seclusion of the place were favourable to the growth of romantic passion.
  • It had great advantages both for seclusion within itself and communication with the world outside.
  • Learning did not wholly perish, but it betook itself to the seclusion of the cloisters.
  • He enjoyed the seclusion of a leper; but he maintained through it all his integrity.
  • Its distinguishing marks are extreme severity and entire seclusion from the world.
  • His long years of seclusion from society had been years of thrift and prosperity.
  • Thus the winter closed in upon a seclusion and solitude of funereal intimations.
  • Jeff awoke from his tranced surprise and the two women followed him to the seclusion of the vines.
  • But in these early days of seclusion the lonely patient has opportunity for much thinking.
  • He missed the seclusion of the crowded town and the safety he could always find in the multitude.
  • But the ten days of enforced seclusion and solitude that must intervene seemed like an eternity.
  • In the seclusion of the lilac hedge stood two figures, that of a man and a woman.
  • The day of isolation and seclusion has passed, and the farmer is a personal factor in the market.
  • Caroline drew Nancy into the seclusion of her bedroom and clutched her violently by the arm.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seclusion | Seclusion Sentence

  • Rigorous seclusion and constraint.
  • Was their seclusion associated with unhappiness?
  • They have the confinement and seclusion and dulness.
  • The barrister regained the seclusion of the hansom.
  • And the uncle had kept her in seclusion all her life.
  • Here was one who laboured for seclusion and concealment.
  • Three days they rested in the wild seclusion of the canon.
  • I shall remain in seclusion all day in a darkened room.
  • This country seclusion was safe, and suited him best.
  • But during this time he is in seclusion and not visible to his comrades.
  • In the seclusion of his hut he did what he had not done for years.
  • She fits them out for life before they leave the seclusion of the nursery.
  • From that night the seclusion of our cottage home was broken up.
  • I therefore traveled all night and remained in seclusion in the daytime.
  • He liked the seclusion of this kitchen in the strong rock tower.
  • Thus assured of seclusion the lovers communed without haste.
  • In a little while, we were suffered to remain in the seclusion we desired.
  • She and her grief and her seclusion and her sympathetic cat, indeed!
  • He felt that he had two hours of absolute seclusion and need not hurry.
  • We glided from depth to depth, and breathed new seclusion at every turn.
  • How wonderful the quiet, how delightful the seclusion of the "real country"!

Definition of Seclusion

The act of secluding, shutting out or keeping apart. | The state of being secluded or shut out, as from company, society, the world, etc.; solitude. | A secluded, isolated or private place.
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