Secretly In A Sentence

Definition of Secretly

In secret, covertly.

How To Use Secretly In A Sentence?

  • His brain was too busy, a sign he was secretly pleased at.
  • Nobody ever admired me, either secretly or openly.
  • It was done secretly and in the dark, to avoid a mob.
  • Bob and Jim were secretly delighted.
  • Ruth Fielding secretly wished the same.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Secretly | Secretly Sentence

  • I am secretly envious of them.
  • Jerry was secretly pleased.
  • Jack was secretly pleased.
  • He is secretly destroying himself.
  • I did secretly think so.
  • And all the time you secretly admire him.
  • You will convene them secretly hereabouts.
  • She wondered if he was secretly afraid.
  • Both approached as secretly as had the first.
  • He also is secretly aghast.
  • Both of them were secretly and nervously afire.
  • I secretly quite agreed with him.
  • She obtains it secretly from her companions.
  • But he secretly occupies himself with literature.
  • She secretly regarded that as an expedition.
  • And still they secretly admired him for it.
  • Nobody doubted they had been secretly married.
  • Others supposed that he had been secretly arrested.
  • But secretly she preferred the second hypothesis.
  • Amarilly secretly resolved to select the color.
  • He who was secretly behind all this was no ordinary man.
  • But secretly she knew her most perilous enemy.
  • Jack was secretly very much delighted with the review.
  • The senior clerk was secretly delighted.
  • The young man smiled secretly to himself.
  • Austen smiled, and secretly agreed with her.
  • I secretly conveyed this information to a local newspaper.
  • And secretly she still felt a liking for the girl.
  • Maria was secretly glad, and proud of it.
  • The ticket-seller smiled secretly into his dark mustache.
  • John is secretly fuming, as he ponders over the facts.
  • Valerie nibbled her toast, secretly amused.
  • Dishes are secretly conveyed away full and returned empty.
  • He was secretly disappointed, to tell the truth.
  • The husband said nothing, but secretly laughed to himself.

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