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  • Rectangular section bodies.
  • Writing is only one section of the thing.
  • The rebel section of our party forced the talk.
  • The naval section is superintended by Capt.
  • A cross section of these deposits is shown in Fig.
  • A simple form of spring jack is shown in section in Fig.
  • Contact the Foundation as set forth in Section 3.
  • Contact the Foundation as set forth in Section 3 below.
  • Contact the Foundation as set forth in Section 3. below.
  • President de la Section du Nord de la Ligue Nat.
  • Beside the table was a rude bench made from a section of sawed pine.
  • An impedance coil having an open magnetic circuit is shown in section in Fig.
  • A two-position switchboard section is shown in front and rear views in Figs.
  • The section from Bristol to Bath was opened in the same year.
  • The first Section deals with the range of what is usually termed Psychology.
  • This section of the road was completed and ready for operation early in '74.

How To Use Section In A Sentence?

  • He felt mechanically of that section of his overalls upon which he was sitting.
  • Firmly attached to a board are two carbon blocks, shown in section in the figure.
  • He greatly prospered, and in time became one of the prominent men in his section of the country.
  • He only knew Dodds was a leader among the guerrillas in that section of the country.
  • The Navy section of French military aviation is still in the "being formed" process.
  • It may be objected that the foregoing scheme is "new theology." Section II.
  • Stumm was the chief of the Anglo-American section of the German Foreign Office.
  • All of the extra weight must be carried on the engine section and not distributed over the wings.
  • Zooming in on one small section revealed details and textures reflective of those on other levels of magnification.
  • The singing in the background moved further into the distance as the monks shifted to a different section of the building.
  • Three great spikes jutted along the centre crest of the helmet from the frontal section to the hinges of the fall.
  • But for a section of white wall to either side of it, the relic might have seemed part of the shadows.
  • To each section is appended the monarch's objections, approbations, or other remarks.
  • It is a good conductor of heat and electricity, though not so good as copper for a given cross section of wire.
  • Then we want a section to shove anything into, a joke, a notice of anything that's going on.
  • There is, indeed, one section that makes no disguise either of its aspirations or of the way in which it proposes to secure their fulfilment.
  • In America the gutter press section of journalism is esteemed at its true worth, and is as harmless as a few squibs.
  • Transcriber's Note Illustrations have been moved near the relevant section of the text.
  • This they said we were bound to do, by virtue of the said treaty, which contained, they declared, a section whose tenor is as follows.
  • The flood film covered a national disaster in which a large section of the West had been inundated, causing immense loss to life and property.
  • Repeating Coil] Fig. 111 illustrates in section a commercial type of coil designed for talking through only.
  • In order that the nature of this bottle be better understood, I give a section of it at A as seen when cut through the central part.
  • His parish, which had once taken in many of the well-to-do and some of the wealthy, now embraced within its confines a section which held only the poor.

Definition of Section

To cut, divide or separate into pieces. | (Britain) To commit (a person, to a hospital, with or without their consent), as for mental health reasons. So called after various sections of legal acts regarding mental health. | (medical): To perform a cesarean section on (someone).
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