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  • Four sections remained.
  • Number of cylindrical sections 8.
  • Kate belonged to neither of these sections of her sex.
  • At p. 8 there are no sections 12 and 13, at pp.
  • We are to find them in the advertising sections of old magazines.
  • This is one of the loneliest and most beautiful sections of the range.
  • They are strung alternately with black seeds or with sections of dog rib.
  • And excuse me, but do you always come in sections like this?
  • Many states control large marshy sections that have been or may be reclaimed.
  • Then, now, subdivide each of the two sections which we have already.

How To Use Sections In A Sentence?

  • The numbers of the sections may be used as references in correcting manuscript.
  • In some sections of the country, the farmers have not responded to these forward movements.
  • The study of the conic sections has been a part of polite learning from his day downward.
  • The hook is divided into twelve sections of this kind, some of which have a tendency to overlap.
  • Within the last two decades sections of the stomach have been made and parts of the organ removed.
  • An old bamboo-headed spear was broken in the shaft and the two sections placed with the corpse.
  • The sections on Telegraphy cover both commercial service and train dispatching.
  • The sections 15-17, p. 886-900, treat of the spirit and conduct of heresy.
  • In deep mines and borings still more profound sections may be laid open, as in Fig.
  • From their sections of the field Jack and Captain Glenn followed suit at the same time.
  • There are great sections of it with which that entity has nothing to do, although it always seems to appear again above.
  • The captives were separated into small parties, and apportioned among the different sections of the force.
  • Sometimes succeeding sections of the arms and legs are cut and taken away, so only the trunk is left on the field.
  • It is entirely lined with bowlders, and the floor space consists of three sections of about equal size.
  • Taxes are unfortunately a very valid reason in many sections of the State for not practicing forestry.
  • These seeds are obtained by cutting the stems, drawing the stems down and biting off lower sections until the seed-laden heads are reached.
  • Outlying sections are given uniform and complete equipments of necessary buildings on a small scale, and hand-driven light machines.
  • Long sections are variant, male-homosexual or lesbian; bibliography would occupy entirely too much space.
  • From its having two sections and a partition, I was reminded of the tabernacle of the wilderness journey.
  • In Bontoc the tobacco leaf for smoking is rolled up and pinched off in small sections an inch or so in length.
  • How to secure the quickest and most dependable communication with the populous sections of the East had long been a serious proposition.
  • If a pitcher, for instance, is to be cast, the mould is made in two sections and tied tightly together.
  • In many sections of our great cities the powerful ward boss, whatever be his methods, is regarded as the embodiment of success.
  • Sometimes this is accomplished by building the cabinet wider, or by putting two such switchboard sections as are shown in Figs.
  • It is said that in some sections of Igorot land dry vegetable matter is burned so that ash may be had for fertilizing purposes.
  • Beneath, to the left, and on a plateau in front, were respectively the ancient and modern sections of Cartagena.
  • How do they propose to obtain an Ameer towards whom all the sections of the Afghans shall practise a loyal obedience?
  • There are certain sections of the Game Laws which he never breaks, and only some rare circumstance tempts him to take immature birds.
  • Yet did he keep locked up in his own breast exclusively, knowledge of the hollow marble column, and of the sliding sections that gave access to it both above and below.
  • Though there are local rivalries there is nothing in competitive division to compare with the northern and southern sections in America ...

Definition of Sections

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of section | plural of section
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