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  • All he says secures attention.
  • And this as well secures your own content.
  • But in that case it secures only what is within the jaws.
  • Its nice refinement secures the mood for politeness.
  • The dying and rising secures our salvation personally.
  • It secures proportion in different parts of the work.
  • The polite professional man secures the best clientage.
  • In such cases lancing the gum secures immediate relief.
  • In securing liberty, justice secures equality also.
  • Yet it secures their Honour and my Pleasure.
  • Grattan secures the independence of the Irish Parliament.
  • Occupies Verona, and secures the line of the Adige.
  • But his contention secures for him the right of speculation.
  • Later he again assumes human form and secures her as his wife.
  • America secures an expression of the wishes of the people by their votes.
  • Mother secures child at nightfall and repeats acts next day.
  • It undoubtedly secures the desired effect, but at what a cost!
  • In this way, he secures the greatest amount of labor from his team.
  • The class system also secures a great saving of time to the teacher.
  • He rushes into the battle and secures the victory, but is fatally wounded.
  • First of all, he secures a weapon that is hanging upon the wall near-by.
  • Although genius always commands admiration, character most secures respect.
  • This also secures spots of dark and cool shade, even when trees are young.
  • With this provision of escape Mr Home secures himself against all failure.

How To Use Secures In A Sentence?

  • This secures to it a permanence which the author cannot expect to any other work of his.
  • This provision secures an advantage to the wife which does not exist in favor of the husband.
  • Protection of daily intervals secures the necessary intermission of work during the day.
  • A geometrical plan secures to the design a manifestation of order and thought in its formation.
  • The establishment of a joint council of employers and workmen secures and protects free labor.
  • There your virtue secures me, and renders my attachment as pure as your own pure breast.
  • If properly conducted, it secures the constitution as much as variolous inoculation possibly can.
  • In one of these elaborate affairs the host first secures some popular lady to chaperon the party.
  • Again, this systematic method of disbursing funds secures a methodical arrangement of field work.
  • That which secures life from exhaustion lies in the unseen world, deep at the roots of things.
  • The disease disappears, and the extracted bone is used as an amulet which secures good harvests.
  • In addition, he must make available to others the results he secures from the study of new facts.
  • A double roof in the attic, with a current of air between, secures cool chambers.
  • So far Hesiod twice over secures the dignity of their office from misinterpretation.
  • This often supplies the obolus that secures the necessary bit of Cunard passport.
  • Now he has drawn up these in rank and file, His post behind secures him a retreat.

Definition of Secures

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of secure
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