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  • And then all his securities might fall simultaneously.
  • The interest on his mortgage securities is insured.
  • All human securities are liable to uncertainty.
  • Those securities are missing from the notes to which they should be attached.
  • Already foreign securities were in general unwillingly handled.
  • I have enough money and securities to cover the loss of any of his money.
  • The junior securities had become only gambling counters on the stock exchange.
  • There are always holders who desire to sell securities of whatever kind.
  • For a debt that a creditor is seeking to recover, securities may be accepted.
  • The securities in the name of her daughter Anna had likewise disappeared.
  • You purposed to transfer the securities to yourself as James Russell?

How To Use Securities In A Sentence?

  • German foreign investments are as a rule in the form of bearer securities and are not registered.
  • But all attempts you have made to uphold your securities have only been throwing money away.
  • Before his departure he transferred to me, as trustee, certain securities worth about $300,000.
  • On the night of the twenty-first, I came back, having turned my securities into money.
  • He raised a little money here, and I went to Plattsburg with securities and letters.
  • German holdings of foreign securities were estimated at twenty milliards before the war and not more than one milliard now.
  • These securities and the letter you are to put away in your safe and forget that you have this trust for twenty years.
  • As long as this policy did not provide trustworthy guarantees we could not abandon the old securities and obligations which they involved.
  • There remained only the signed securities in the name of the old princess and her son, and a few shares of stock.
  • You will look in vain in the quotations for the stock of dozens of corporations whose securities are among the choicest investments.
  • Our constitutions are frequently undergoing revision; and too much care cannot be exercised to strengthen our securities in this quarter.
  • Dividends upon foreign securities were passed year after year; taxes went up higher every six months.
  • If proper precautions are taken by buyers, municipal securities may be considered among the safest and most remunerative investments.
  • If you did not, all was to be sold and the money invested in Canada bank-stock and other securities which he named.
  • The student will note, further, that the borrowing value of such securities depends very largely upon the character of the property represented.
  • Russia is an unconquerable country, and her securities at a good rate should be attractive for some American capital.
  • The securities might fall in value, the institutions might go out of existence, and there were dividends to be collected or they would accumulate.
  • His mother was prepared to make a special sacrifice of certain securities to give him a fresh start in Canada.
  • I yesterday arranged the preliminaries of a transfer to you of securities worth, roughly speaking, two hundred and fifty thousand pounds.
  • It is certain that since the Armistice there has been a great flight abroad of the foreign securities still remaining in private hands.
  • If necessary, I'll loan the bank enough additional securities as collateral to cover the loan.
  • To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States; 7.
  • A very considerable part of these were securities of Chicago surface and elevated railway, gas, electric light and telephone companies.
  • Even the expedient of using some of the ancestral capital became difficult where there was no market for the securities which the people wished to sell.
  • Originally the dealers in valueless securities did not take the trouble to purchase any properties but merely sold their stock and decamped with the proceeds.
  • The main resource for such accumulations is in safe investments, in the bonds and securities of our own country and those of well established enterprises.
  • The securities immediately fall in value and are perhaps bought up by a syndicate of crafty speculators who are permitted to reorganise the road and its management.
  • The stock exchanges of the world must not be considered simply as noisy congregations of brokers speculating in securities under the guise of legitimate business.
  • Before the outbreak of the War it appears that only 345,100 persons held securities of the British Government.

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plural of security
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