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  • No security for life!
  • Have we any better security for the future?
  • I will proceed at once to write the security for you.
  • Besides, the mortgage will be security for it.
  • Universal suffrage is security for universal education.
  • Yet, it has given security for a large debt.
  • By making the State security for the loan.
  • It is the question of economic security for the wage earners.
  • It is a conveyance of the ship as security for advances made to the owner.
  • The first condition of civilization is a certain measure of security for life.
  • In the case of property pledged as security for debt, what are the liabilities?
  • Men felt that they had no security for life, liberty, or property.
  • Otherwise there would have been no security for a German private undertaking.
  • Why is B's security for his claim considered better than A's?
  • In one case a woman acts as security for a man's debts to another woman.

How To Use Security For In A Sentence?

  • Hence we see that the colonists had no security for the passage of such laws as they wanted.
  • Sometimes one note is given as collateral security for another which is discounted.
  • He had on several occasions allowed his name to be used as security for friends in difficulty.
  • Common sense tells us that trade can only flourish where there is security for life and property.
  • My soul be security for them that submit to their bishop, with their presbyters and deacons.
  • And what is that right, if it be not to exact indemnity for the past and security for the future?
  • Will a certificate of good standing in any church be taken as collateral security for one dollar?
  • The matter of economic security for the wage earners likely to be important for industrial peace.
  • A factor can not pledge goods intrusted to him for sale, as security for his own debts.
  • The mortgagee may use his mortgage as security for loans or he may assign it as he pleases.
  • He, on the other hand, regarded it as good because it offered the best security for peace.
  • He gave bondsmen as security for the money and deposited it in the Toronto banks.
  • Hostage, a person given as a pledge, or security, for carrying out some agreement.
  • Mr. Arnot uttered an imprecation on learning that his wife had gone security for Haldane.
  • Engagements of the members of the League of Nations, security for fulfilment of, 79.
  • The matter of economic security for the wage earners likely to be important for industrial peace.
  • That they have security for their servants' honesty, which in former times they had not.
  • It is only through some social organization ensuring to man freedom for his labor and security for his savings that he can escape poverty.
  • Every year the same sum will be paid down, and before six months you will receive security for your principal.
  • At present, the advantage which they derive from the daily threats against her life is her only security for preserving it.
  • There is greater security for tyranny in slavish thoughts, indifference and pettiness than in cannons and swords.
  • If it does not so stand, you have no security for your spiritual organisation, and if it does, then you have no necessity.
  • I was a little surprised, and asked him if he wanted me to go with him, or required any security for my appearance.
  • They paid the public expenses with it, and sometimes lent it to individuals without much security for its repayment.
  • Of course the lowest bidder ought to have been accepted, so long as he gave security for doing the work well.

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