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  • But there is no security in mere possession.
  • Universal suffrage is security for universal education.
  • In the sweet security of the dark she felt safe.
  • Yet, it has given security for a large debt.
  • To a nation, security is the greatest of advantages.
  • By making the State security for the loan.
  • Uncle Jim never asked cash or security of any man.
  • What security is there for stopping short at all in these wild conceits?
  • The stability of England is the security of the modern world.

How To Use Security In A Sentence?

  • Want of security checked the improved business which should have set in after a good harvest.
  • For while he hugged himself in the security of his fortress, the web of his destiny was weaving.
  • Our nurtured complacency and our sense of absolute security had always been unfounded, of course.
  • You can have no idea what a fine sense of security that gives us in case anything goes wrong.
  • But where are the objects of justice, and of example, and of future security to the public peace?
  • Peace after effort, the overcoming of difficulties, the feeling of security and well-being.
  • But custom is every thing: my party strode along with the security of perfect knowledge.
  • By a series of Acts the people were assured of fair rents and security from eviction.
  • We hear nothing of this kind of security in favor of those whom we invite to the support of our cause.
  • At present, the advantage which they derive from the daily threats against her life is her only security for preserving it.
  • It is possible that she might submit to lose her commerce and her colonies: her security she never can abandon.
  • But the difference is great between a plan for our own security and a scheme for the utter destruction of France.
  • Your present place of concealment, safe enough for duns, will offer no security against detectives.
  • The curse over the door was to frighten away any venturesome mortal, and further security was given by the clause in the title deed.
  • Yet that morning I missed in the stillness that feeling of security and peace which ought to have been associated with it.
  • It is true, amidst all these turbulent means of security to their system, very great discontents everywhere prevail.
  • It is security against chronic hostility to the Government and security against the manifestation of a revolutionary spirit among the people.
  • The leading classes of the state at least having gained some measure of security and leisure, ideas of a nobler order spring up in their minds.
  • We knew, of course, that there could be no mistake, but it was pleasant to see the proof of our security in indisputable black and white.
  • That security is something, and not inconsiderable; but if a storm arises, I should not much rely upon it.
  • Nowhere in India has British rule done so much to bring peace and security and to induce prosperity.
  • His sensitive thin ears, made to hear every scratch, can detect the rasping of the retired grub, feasting in apparent security below.
  • With some reluctance the long nosed, long faced, long limbed Kamimura went security for the repayment on their return to the ward.
  • If that man Morse is in fear of his life, and in fear for his daughter's too, he couldn't have invented a more perfect security than he has done.
  • The expense of printing was increased by this arrangement, but it seemed to be more important to attain absolute security against fraud than to save money.
  • And for years she had added to her unseen treasure, dropping her precious coins into that dark hole with more security than a man deposits thousands in the bank.
  • By the terms prescribed by Cooke & Co., the subscribers deposited five per cent as security for the validity of their subscriptions.
  • If such proceedings were to be definitely adopted they would establish a precedent dangerous to the security and the peace of the nations of this part of America.
  • We who live in these days of practical security from such awful visitations can have no idea of the horror and dismay which they inspired, and the misery and desolation which they spread broadcast over the land.
  • For an instant the girl stared round in evident bewilderment, then turned upon the man who had beguiled her into false security while the ship was being got under weigh.
  • Mothers who have begun going to the park themselves feel greater security in allowing the older boys and girls to go to the evening entertainments and dances because they learn that there is trustworthy supervision.

Definition of Security

(uncountable) The condition of not being threatened, especially physically, psychologically, emotionally, or financially. | (countable) Something that secures. | An organization or department responsible for providing security by enforcing laws, rules, and regulations as well as maintaining order.
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