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  • The reading world was a sedentary world.
  • He was a sedentary person and loved meddling with figures.
  • Especially is this true for all those who follow sedentary occupations.
  • But you are not to suppose that your life will be such a sedentary one.
  • But we who lead a sedentary life should be very chary of eating them.
  • But isn't riding a sedentary pursuit, too?
  • A man used to a sedentary life is not given to physical action.
  • What is one cause of indigestion among the sedentary class in community?

How To Use Sedentary In A Sentence?

  • Why does the person of active habits require less clothing than one of sedentary employments?
  • This state of things seemed easy to account for in a scholar and a man of sedentary habits.
  • He dreaded thought of the days to come, for he had had a glimpse of sedentary slavery.
  • A quiet day followed, devoted to sedentary recreation after the labours of the run.
  • He was worn out by hard study and sedentary confinement, and at last death came to his rescue.
  • A book-agent might be expected to have tanned cheeks, his occupation not being a sedentary one.
  • He looked to be a well-to-do citizen, whose success had taught him sedentary convivialities.
  • Another, but more sedentary amusement with Mary, was the composition of devices.
  • The louse iz a familiar animal, very sedentary in hiz habits, not apt tew git lost.
  • It may be due to constitutional peculiarities, sedentary or irregular habits, improper diet, &c.
  • The doctor told me I was killing myself with my sedentary habits, so I decided to dig.
  • Its beneficial influence on the powers of the mind has been experienced by all sedentary and literary men.
  • He no longer desired to be a naturalist, for the scientific side of that profession was too sedentary for him.
  • Eating in those who lead sedentary lives much indoors is ever so much more a matter of will than of appetite.
  • He decided that he needed a change from the coast to the interior, and from exercise to a sedentary life.
  • He should also have bodily activity and strength, unattainable by our sedentary life in public offices.
  • In default of stave a geography served as sled, for by noon the most sedentary geography itched for action.
  • From the deck of the ship the great city appeared a crouched and cowardly figure, a sedentary miser.
  • Reuben could feel in him the intense mirthless zeal of a sedentary soul obliged to take the responsibility for something athletic.
  • The sedentary life and close application to business has made his shoulders stoop somewhat and given deepening lines to his face.
  • The sedentary character of most work in factories or workrooms, or otherwise the lack of free play of physical activities.
  • Nearly all semi-invalids are inclined to sedentary habits, and as the circulation is languid the body in winter is under a persistent chill.
  • Cotton is preferable to flannel for a sedentary life, in hot damp countries, or where flannel irritates the skin.
  • Behind this wicket sat the portress, a venerable nun, whom age and obesity had consigned to this sedentary occupation.
  • For this reason, if for no other, let those of sedentary habits cultivate muscular energy preparatory to this time of need.
  • His hair was slightly sprinkled with gray, and his form showed that tendency to fullness so frequently found in persons of sedentary habits.
  • Individuals whose labor is active, require more air than sedentary or idle persons, because the waste of the system is greater.
  • Such unremitting sedentary occupation, together with her sorrow, caused a serious illness, from which she suffered during 1828.
  • Students, and others whose occupations are of a sedentary character, sometimes adopt the practice of taking a long walk periodically.
  • I can neither walk nor sing; nor, indeed, am fit for anything but to amuse myself in a sedentary trifling way.
  • The symmetry of her fine figure had long been destroyed by her sedentary life; and years of care had left many a trace on her beautiful features.
  • A person of strong constitution, who takes much exercise, needs less clothing than one of delicate and sedentary habits.

Definition of Sedentary

Not moving; relatively still; staying in the vicinity. | (anthropology, of a human population) Living in a fixed geographical location; the opposite of nomadic. | (medicine, of a job, lifestyle, etc.) Not moving much; sitting around.
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