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  • How much sedition it has prevented!
  • Its very soil was deluged with sedition and blasphemy.
  • No sedition or contention will take place.
  • What was the Sedition act?
  • Alien and Sedition Acts.
  • When were the Alien and Sedition acts repealed?
  • The worst law of all was the Sedition Act.
  • Compare the Sedition Act with the First Amendment.
  • He was striving to bring about not sedition but fellowship and peace.
  • INDEX Alien and sedition laws, 166.
  • If the banners and flags are shifted about, sedition is afoot.
  • Nevertheless, the Sedition act was enforced to a farcical degree.
  • Ireland was a seething mass of German-inspired sedition south of the Boyne.
  • To sedition full-blown Is enough to make CADBURY swear.
  • For fear the street his mind should know: "And is there no sedition act?

How To Use Sedition In A Sentence?

  • To the community, sedition is a fever, corruption is a gangrene, and idleness an atrophy.
  • He was tried for sedition at the Niagara assizes a day or two before Mr. Gourlay.
  • The fate of the pigeons awaits all who would violate our shores, or light up the flame of sedition in the land.
  • Could it be that, so recently liberated, he was about to begin again that life of plot and sedition which already had cost him his liberty?
  • Dumouriez was alarmed lest these ruffians should come in contact with his army, for such bands sowed sedition wherever they went.
  • It can, for instance, intimate that it will cease to recruit public servants from schools in which sedition is shown to be rife.
  • London and Southwark were on fire in six places; but the regular troops quelled the sedition by daybreak, and everything now is quiet.
  • It seems incredible in these times that the country submitted for a month to the intolerable Alien and Sedition acts.
  • The passing of the alien and sedition laws in July, 1798, gave them the first opportunity to make a stand.
  • He released to them Barabbas, who was in prison for sedition and murder, and turned Jesus over to them.
  • The revolt against the measures was so widespread that the Alien act was repealed in 1800, and the Sedition act in the following year.
  • Then followed the alien and sedition laws and the war demonstrations against France by the federal party, which was objected to by the Republicans.
  • He married the daughter of the earl of Argyle, who was tried for sedition in the state, and confined in the castle of Edinburgh.
  • The complaint arose from their being ever ready to preach against sedition and disloyalty, and to use their moral influence publicly and privately for that purpose.
  • The slave-trade, you will see, will not be abolished, because to be humane and honest now is to be a traitor to the constitution, a lover of sedition and licentiousness!
  • He might not indeed be crucified on a cross; but he would stand a good chance to be cast into jail and sent to a penitentiary for a term of years for sedition and attempting to interfere with the established order.
  • How true is the principle laid down by Confucius, that the benevolence of princes is reflected in their country, while their wickedness causes sedition and confusion!

Definition of Sedition

Organized incitement of rebellion or civil disorder against authority or the state, usually by speech or writing. | Insurrection or rebellion.
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