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  • It is a most seditious question.
  • A prosecution for seditious proceedings might follow.
  • Democratic societies, seditious conduct of.
  • A thoroughly seditious speech, of course.
  • HUNT in the business of suppressing seditious literature.
  • I have had women flogged for such seditious chatter as this.
  • What instances can you give of the prompt punishment of seditious utterances?
  • They called meetings, and behaved in a really seditious manner.

How To Use Seditious In A Sentence?

  • They call them seditious and inflammatory, which was far from being their character.
  • But the leaders of party will not go the length of the doctrines taught by the seditious clubs.
  • We are no seditious women, clamoring for any peculiar rights, but we are patient women.
  • Such would be a prompt and impulsive answer to the manifold prevarications of seditious Mexico.
  • I could almost ask you to drink the health of the Baron, and all his scurvy, seditious crew.
  • Twas as if The fower seditious brothers threatned warr And weare but nowe at battayle.
  • It provided that any one who attacked the government in the press should be severely punished as a seditious person.
  • The laws had guarded against all seditious attacks upon it with a greater degree of strictness and severity.
  • The condemnation of seditious utterances and the wearing of seditious emblems were no longer noticed and never ceased.
  • Justice was done them in their grievances, while no punishment was omitted, and was administered to the seditious leaders.
  • They charged him, in their libels and seditious conversations, as having first reduced corruption to a system.
  • If he put down seditious risings with a strong hand, they insisted that he was in nefarious league with the corn-merchants and the bakers.
  • He and others were advising with Cobbett about the defense he was to make on a trial for seditious libel which was coming on.
  • Behind the restless and seditious movements which we all know there is a secret revolutionary organisation in the shape of Freemasonry.
  • Why then do we rent and tear in pieces the members of Christ; and raise seditious against our own body?
  • Is it not known everywhere how he desecrated the Sabbath; how he has misled the people by his seditious speeches?
  • It is certain that the great mass of the Westerners never seriously considered entering into any seditious movement under him.
  • Labor unions, strikes, and other efforts at lightening the burden of the workers he regarded as seditious and deserving of severe punishment.
  • Both show clearly that Clare was nothing like the stage-tyrant which the imagination of the seditious has chosen to represent him as being.
  • The Government indicted him for impious, profane, blasphemous intent, but not for seditious intent.
  • On September 27th appeared a very long proclamation calling it "a lewd, seditious book . . .
  • As for seditious propaganda, new legislation enabled Lord Kitchener to deal with it in summary fashion.
  • By that effort some who were wavering in their loyalty were confirmed in it, while those who were on the side of the seditious ones did not dare to put their treacherous thoughts into execution.
  • Certain Protestant Dissenters make seditious propositions to the Catholics, which it does not appear that they have yet accepted.
  • The other day the British Empire was taking off and examining printed cotton stomach wraps for seditious emblems and inscriptions....
  • It has been from a conscientious conviction of the seditious character of the American Anti-slavery Society, that we have sat down to this task.
  • Soon men of such minds began to print pamphlets, according to the fashion of the time, and to attempt to prevent the radicals from pushing the colonies into seditious courses.
  • If station agents all along the line were allowed to send telegrams every seditious upstart would take advantage of it and they'd have more trouble than they've got now.
  • But for the insensible progress of reason, states would now be filled with a tumultuous crowd of devotees, ready to revolt at the signal of an unquiet priest or a seditious monk.

Definition of Seditious

Of, related to, or being involved in sedition; treasonous or subversive.
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