Seduced In A Sentence

Definition of Seduced

simple past tense and past participle of seduce

How To Use Seduced In A Sentence?

  • One might think that indeed she was seduced and held only by cruelty and contempt.
  • To be reproached with having seduced my lord into danger, and then basely deserted him?
  • Under this creature he lay hid, and by this creature he seduced our first parents.
  • Indocile and desperate, they seduced all the youth of Hispaniola from their plantations.
  • I'm considered a sly dog that seduced his friend's wife and got away with it ...
  • Voluptuaries may allow themselves to be seduced from the path of duty by falsehoods such as these, expressed in honeyed words.
  • I was afraid of my own weakness, which might be seduced into an indiscreet marriage by the charms or sufferings of this bewitching creature.
  • The man may not be seduced who has seen the ecstasy of being ecstatic; it is more dazzling to catch a glimpse of the ecstasy of being ordinary.
  • The writers have run on, seduced by irrelevance, and have not been able to stop to consider in all its bearings the subject of the letter.
  • She can say that she commanded an army and seduced men, whom we thought sober men and safe, to act as her lieutenants.
  • Many a haughty prelate, too, seduced by avarice or ambition, urged on the monarch in his mad career.
  • The Doctor has been in town for a few days lately, and of course seduced me into all sorts of wild habits.
  • Fashion and the influence of the court had seduced their men of rank; nor had they the enthusiasm which had secured victory at Ivry.
  • But in this instance I was seduced by no love of low company, nor disposition to indulge in low vices.
  • Teen-age Doris goes to a boarding school and is seduced by everyone on the premises, male and female.
  • And as she had seduced me, only by her intellect and her perversity, I was disgusted as soon as she laid aside that mask.
  • If the severe Hungarian law prescribed that the man who seduced the wife of another should lose his head, it should be satisfied.
  • The Sirens are best known from the story that Odysseus succeeded in passing them with his companions without being seduced by their song.
  • But we must not be seduced any further by these reflections; our present business concerns the legend whose strange title stands at the head of this article.
  • Here she was seduced by Captain Rackham, and ran with him to sea, dressed as a sailor, and accompanied him in many voyages.
  • Should the Creator of man in His greatest work be less powerful than His seduced creature in his fall?
  • Such, Mr. Adventurer, is the happiness, the hope of which seduced me from the duties and pleasures of a mercantile life.
  • To-day things have greatly changed, and those even who ignored it have been seduced by the curious way in which it adapts itself to the interpretation of the most recent experiments on very different subjects.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seduced | Seduced Sentence

  • Hals also was seduced by it.
  • How ere seduced to this enterprise.
  • You probably seduced them as you seduced me.
  • What seduced him above all else was chic.
  • What poetic delusion had seduced my wife?
  • Deluded boy, seduced by empty show!
  • It is that fellow Cappoccio has seduced you with his talk.
  • And I fear he hath been seduced from her at last.
  • Acquet had thus attained his wish; he had seduced Mlle.
  • His allies had been seduced from his support by presents and by firewater.
  • Betrayed and seduced themselves, they in their turn betray and curse others.
  • The descriptive in art has always seduced the eye of the superficial majority.
  • No great leaders remained, since they had been seduced by fashion.
  • The less Charles understood these refinements the more they seduced him.
  • Captain Morgan himself seduced the fairest by alternate presents and threats.
  • They were seduced by a wicked prince, His deadly enemy, and, alas!
  • They have taken all her papers from her, and have seduced M. Nau, I fear.

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