Seeing That In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seeing That | Seeing That Sentence

  • It was only through seeing that ad.
  • He kept seeing that flash.
  • One had difficulty in seeing that he moved.
  • To think of our not seeing that monstrous boa!
  • I shall never be the same again after seeing that happen.
  • I enjoyed seeing that wonderful flower very much.
  • Seeing that, the com-tech laughed.
  • Seeing that man in the churchyard gave us all a jolt.
  • I said, seeing that he lingered.
  • Seeing that the camp was fully aroused the intruders fled.
  • Laura seeing that a clean breast of it was the better way.
  • It is most awkward, seeing that he is a stranger to me.
  • I insist on your seeing that one is adjusted immediately.
  • I repeated, seeing that he hesitated.
  • Oh! to think of our having missed seeing that man.
  • I asked, seeing that something was wrong.
  • You ought to have praise, seeing that it is all you got.
  • She held up her finger, seeing that he was about to speak.
  • Paul asked, seeing that she still remained silent.
  • Seeing that you have reprinted (Vol.
  • Seeing that we might be separated I called to her.
  • Seeing that I had visitors he came to a sudden standstill.
  • Sam said, seeing that William hesitated.
  • Then, seeing that I had no more shillings he flew off.
  • Then, seeing that they waited for me to speak, I did so.
  • Truly, I care a great deal about seeing that list.
  • I have no idea of seeing that wife of his benefited in any way.
  • Seeing that the future alone can prove which among them is the must superior.
  • She went home seeing that she must go through with the wedding.
  • Seeing that they were not coming back, he retired and reported to me.
  • Seeing that she was expected to answer, she summoned her courage.
  • Seeing that he was poking fun at her, she protested angrily.
  • Seeing that the dispatch would have to go through, the general sent for me.
  • But she was willing to torment him a little, seeing that she had the power.
  • Seeing that she had the ear of the men at last, she walked closer.
  • Seeing that he made no answer, she kept on teasing him to look at her.

How To Use Seeing That In A Sentence?

  • I have the satisfaction of seeing that they attend to the directions inscribed on it.
  • If he were seeing clearly he would be seeing that he was describing what he was seeing.
  • One of the chief duties of housekeeping consists in seeing that there be no waste of any kind.
  • But of course he could not help their seeing that the prosecution had scored a point.
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