Seem Like In A Sentence

How To Use Seem Like In A Sentence?

  • It doesn't seem like the last day of our lives.
  • It do seem like krismus ain't for prackticals.
  • Dat field seem' like three miles.
  • There are moments in the life of almost every man which seem like years.
  • But it does seem like a good idea to take it easy for a half hour.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seem Like | Seem Like Sentence

  • She did not seem like herself.
  • Does this seem like a nuptial?
  • Does this seem like humbug to you?
  • Were furbished up to seem like rituals.
  • Does it seem like a real lemon?
  • It did seem like a regular swing.
  • This does not seem like a community in decline.
  • They all seem like so many friends to me.
  • It did not seem like fighting with men.
  • But they seem like mere objects in space.
  • It do really seem like a dooty for to find out.
  • It did not seem like a thing she could ever do.
  • It did seem like the funniest thing she had ever heard.
  • These days seem like the lull that goes before a storm.
  • You seem like a man who has been stroking a winning crew.
  • They seem like weapons, dangerous.
  • It did not seem like any clock the boys had ever heard.
  • They seem like memories of what has been, made fairer.
  • Another word, which may seem like heresy.
  • The old, simple instruments seem like friends.
  • They seem like real people, dazed and uncertain.
  • Somehow, now, the years here seem like a dream to me.
  • The house won't seem like the same without 'ee.
  • Still, that did not seem like Gunnar.
  • They seem like garlands on the May-day queen!
  • But I seem like a reed that has been broken by the storm.
  • Do I seem like a person to be easily got rid of?
  • It'll seem like old times, won't it, husband?
  • Somehow that did not seem like Hal Rutherford.
  • You seem like Jesus Christ then.
  • Babies would seem like old times, when I had Bess.
  • It doesn't seem like you, at all.
  • Not to do so would seem like admitting a difficulty in making it.
  • It seemed to me that boarding there must seem like a perpetual picnic.
  • Some seem like an attempt to save time at the expense of thoroughness.
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