Seeming in a sentence

Definition of Seeming

Appearing to the eye or mind (distinguished from, and often opposed to, real or actual). | present participle of seem | Outward appearance.

Short Example Sentence for Seeming

  • 1. But this seeming must not be trusted.
  • 2. In outward seeming have deserted thee.
  • 3. He read the contents with seeming satisfaction.
  • 4. With seeming surprise and merriment the girl obeyed.
  • 5. She endured his company without seeming to enjoy it.
  • 6. But there were dangerous elements for both in that seeming friendship.
  • 7. But on turning to famous men the seeming injustice disappears.
  • 8. With this all were dismissed, and to all seeming the affair was forgotten.
  • 9. Nikolai was the only quiet one, seeming content to look and listen.
  • 10. Far from seeming apologetic, he appeared rather proud of his performance.
  • 11. The man listened round-shouldered, but seeming much too stupid to understand.
  • 12. After a seeming eternity he saw motion, saw the rifle muzzle swing up.
  • 13. The very fibrous, skinny figure, the muscles and flesh seeming peeled off.
  • 14. Babies with heads of thick, coarse black hair, seeming to be toupees.

How to use Seeming in a Sentence?

  • 1. They were very tame, not seeming to regard our presence as a thing of much danger to them.
  • 2. He spoke without emphasis, his words seeming to drop from the thick obsession of his dream.
  • 3. For a mile or two they went along like a team, neither seeming able to lose the other.
  • 4. He held out his hand, and, conquered by his seeming mood, Leslie returned the grasp.
  • 5. The dash she made from him seeming no more final than those which had preceded it, he went on speaking.
  • 6. Dicksie fled to the telephone, and an excited conference over the wire closed in seeming reassurance at both ends.
  • 7. There at least some silence was to be found among the moors and the rocky ridges, and some seeming of peace.
  • 8. It does not present even a seeming inconsistency between his secret will and his command, but between two portions of his revealed will.
  • 9. The seeming admission that polygamy might be permissible relates to cases for which the laws of all civilized nations make provisions.
  • 10. A real sunlight gleamed over the leaves and flowers, seeming to flicker and dance among them as on a broad meadow.
  • 11. Thus the evil begun by the mutiny still went on from crime to crime, seeming to grow ever deeper and wider.
  • 12. The ordinary logic is also jealous of the explanation of negation as relation, because seeming to take away the principle of contradiction.
  • 13. King nodded good-by to him, his dark eyes in the shadow of the khaki helmet seeming scarcely interested any longer.
  • 14. Our caterpillar seeming to be full-grown, and apparently out of employment, we cut the end of his case half off.
  • 15. He couldn't talk about anything without it seeming there was a great joke in it somewhere. . .
  • 16. The very freedom of the movement is not without suspicion, seeming to imply a state of the human mind which has entirely lost sight of facts.
  • 17. Guard hung his head dejectedly, his bright eyes seeming to say that he understood, and would profit by the lesson.
  • 18. I took down the pail, seeming to take down an entire chorus of singing water witches with it, and retraced my steps to the house.
  • 19. He did not, like most professed wits, study his sayings before, and arrange with his seeming opponent for an imaginary war of words.
  • 20. Once back in his accustomed field, the old lawyer went along recounting story after story, every name seeming to suggest its own anecdote.
  • 21. So she held her peace, and stood still, anxious to escape, and yet fearful of seeming to be unfeeling by going away at that moment.
  • 22. Certainly I liked the frank, almost boyish manner in which the two friends included me in their friendship by seeming to ignore me altogether.
  • 23. Later the Archbishop rested in his chair, his chin on his breast, seeming to sleep, while priests prowled and hovered round him.
  • 24. They reminded Westenra a little of his pale sea-palaces, seeming to be lighted from within by some pearly luminous light, soft yet strong.
  • 25. After having converted the seeming discrepancy between the divine power and human agency into a real contradiction, it is too late to endeavour to reconcile them.
  • 26. Thither she strolled with seeming carelessness, passing on forward without stopping, but satisfying herself as she did so that the ventilating slide was open.