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How To Use Segment In A Sentence?

  • Palma: the basal segment of the anterior tarsus when it is broadened or specifically modified.
  • A view of the anterior segment of a transverse section of the globe of the eye, seen from within.
  • Coxa -ae: the basal segment of the leg, by means of which it is articulated to the body.
  • Anal style: a slender process on or within the terminal segment of the abdomen in Homoptera.
  • Antennal appendage: in Mallophaga, a projecting process of the 1st or 3rd segment in the male.
  • Procephalon: that segment of the head in the embryo which is formed by the coalescence of the first three primitive segments.
  • This s sum haldes to be a segment of his, and therfoer now almost al wrytes his for it, as if it wer a corruption.
  • These vaults are composed of courses off-set one from another, and with their faces hollowed to the segment of a circle.
  • Median segment: applied to the basal segment of the abdomen when it forms part of the metathorax: see propodeum.
  • The prothoracic segment is broader and flatter, and the rough portion of the dorsal plates is larger and less tranversely ovate.
  • But all the Poduras differ from other insects in possessing a remarkable organ situated on the basal segment of the abdomen.
  • On the under side of each segment are similar rough horny plates, but arcuate in front, with the hinder edge straight.
  • Procerebral: that segment of the brain containing the median protocerebrum and optic ganglia; also called optic segment.
  • Node: a knot or knob: in the plural refers to the small segment or segment between thorax and main portion of abdomen in ants.
  • Antennae four-jointed, without a well-marked elbow, and with a short terminal segment offering the appearance of being many-jointed.
  • Rotula: a small round segment sometimes present between the joints of antenna; and palpi: = torquillus.
  • Concavo-convex: hollowed out or concave on one surface, rounded or convex on the other; like a small segment of a hollow sphere.
  • Propygidium: the dorsal segment or tergite in front of the pygidilini, sometimes left exposed in Coleoptera.
  • Eventually, this 30-second segment of police brutality leads to full-scale urban rioting in a dozen American cities.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Segment | Segment Sentence

  • Deutotergite: the secondary dorsal segment of the abdomen.
  • Prototergite: the foremost dorsal segment of abdomen.
  • Basal segment of clasp: see side piece.
  • Oral segment: that ring or segment which bears the mouth.
  • Abdominal segment unequal, with simple hairs and scales.
  • In the end, a wedge-shaped segment of jungle was cleared.
  • Arthromere: a body segment or ring: = somite.
  • Promeros: the first abdominal segment in Lepidoptera.
  • Excavate: with a depression that is not the segment of a circle.
  • There had been a dark segment in the brilliant pattern of the city.
  • I was face to face with a segment of desolation more horrible than any desert.
  • Antennal segment: the second or deutocerebral segment of head.
  • Ocular sclerite: the first or protocerebral segment of the head.
  • Mandibular segment: the fourth or mandible bearing segment of head.
  • Neuromere: that part of a body segment pertaining to the nervous system.
  • Rhabdopoda: clasping organs of the 9th abdominal segment of male.
  • Joint: a segment or part between two incisures: an articulation.
  • Maxillary segment: the sixth segment of the head, bearing the maxillae.
  • Labial segment: the 7th segment of head = second maxillary segment.
  • Procidentia: the narrow projecting tip of 7th dorsal segment in Nematinae.
  • Saccus: a lobe of ventral plate of 9th segment in female Lepidoptera.

Definition of Segment

(transitive, intransitive) To divide into segments or sections. | A length of some object. | One of the parts into which any body naturally separates or is divided; a part divided or cut off; a section; a portion.
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