Seldom In A Sentence

How To Use Seldom In A Sentence?

  • How seldom promises made in slavery are remembered after a release from bondage.
  • They now all walked with a swagger and seldom went to their meals without their weapons.
  • I had never been so proud and happy before, and have seldom been so proud and happy since.
  • Germans never punch one another except in gory hate, and they seldom fight with their fists.
  • He was a skilled plasterer by trade, got good wages, and was seldom out of a job.
  • The role of the Friend of the People has seldom been absent from the drama of history.
  • Our weather is seldom so cold as in the Frigid Zones, nor so warm as in the Torrid Zone.
  • Good fortune seldom comes pure and single, unattended by some troublesome or unexpected circumstance.
  • In conversation we are always using that phrase, and seldom or never noticing how large a significance it bears.
  • The guerrillas displayed a bravery they seldom showed when engaged with regular troops, and fought with determination and ferocity.
  • But in those days we seldom let them go without something, which was always more than they deserved since they deserved nothing.
  • When newly caught their rage is quite ungovernable, and yet when two are put together they very seldom quarrel.
  • I had heard him described as a very silent man, who was always observing others, but seldom opened his lips.
  • But embarrassment seldom eventuates in ruin, either for men or nations, if they come to grips with it betimes.
  • Its internal resistance is comparatively high, seldom falling below 1 ohm and often rising to 6 ohms.
  • Human courage and resolution have seldom been more severely tried than in the exigencies of this terrible night on board the Richard.
  • They are actually forced to walk erect, and their fore-legs seldom touch the ground, except in the case of piccanninies.
  • The marshy coast abounds with harmless snakes, but these gruesome inmates of the tropical morass seldom leave their hiding-places before sunset.
  • Their jokes, however, if by chance any of them reached the upper end of the table, seldom produced much effect.
  • Papa very seldom writes a passage without some humor in it somewhere, and I dont think he ever will.
  • I saw their hands upon their poinards; and I knew that death was seldom an empty menace with these ruffians.
  • The cuckoo clock in the hall struck midnight; every one pressed to depart, for seldom was such a late hour trespassed on by these quiet burghers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seldom | Seldom Sentence

  • Moral excellence seldom does.
  • Habitual drunkards have seldom got it in them.
  • Pinkey seldom lied when the truth would answer.
  • There very seldom was anybody till you came though.
  • You seldom see a really pretty face among them.
  • His long, severe face had seldom seemed more malevolent.
  • Fortune, good, seldom comes single, 83.
  • I seldom swear, Sir Simon; but, damn me if I will.
  • I am so seldom at my brother's.
  • But so seldom is he seen that you might think he was afraid to show himself.
  • Except for those flushed, cottontails were seldom seen by day.
  • There it is widely distributed, and thence it seldom wanders.
  • So much the better, since the older shows itself so seldom nowadays.
  • I had seldom seen a face of richer promise; but never was promise so ill kept.
  • In London these carpets are nailed to the boards, and but seldom taken up.
  • In Hannibal we seldom saw a slave misused; on the farm, never.
  • Nevertheless, there are seldom more than three or four Gaming-Tables.
  • The veil of mystery which envelops the Grand Fleet is seldom lifted.

Definition of Seldom

(archaic) Rare; infrequent. | Infrequently, rarely.
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