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  • On selecting furniture for, 302.
  • Gather them, when dry, selecting only the solid ones.
  • Then Frank Merriwell was seen carefully selecting a bat.
  • I have had no difficulty in selecting material of real interest.
  • The selecting relays are, therefore, simultaneously restored to normal.
  • A month was spent in selecting a capital for the infant Territory.
  • The vital problem, a mode of selecting the judges, remains unsettled.
  • He stopped instantly, and selecting a clear place, seated her softly.
  • The Chamber set about the work of selecting a new ruler for France.
  • With your permission I will take this," he added, selecting one at random.

How To Use Selecting In A Sentence?

  • A woman carrying a copper pail is selecting some vegetables and disputing with the vender.
  • In selecting colors, avoid those in which there are any black threads; as they are always rotten.
  • Meanwhile Umslopogaas had been engaged in selecting the spot where we were to camp for the night.
  • The young man smiled, and filled his case, selecting one as well for present smoking.
  • In selecting carpets, for rooms much used, it is poor economy to buy cheap ones.
  • One provision is that the discoverer or introducer of a new variety has the privilege of selecting a name for it.
  • In selecting the furniture of parlors, some reference should be had to correspondence of shades and colors.
  • The custom of carefully selecting the seed has grown with the industry and may be said to be inseparable from it.
  • Before attempting even this simple plan, prepare for it by first selecting several suitable psalms.
  • We have made notes of every picture, but have no room, and must be content with selecting a very few.
  • Trent shuddered at the gashes and then, selecting a new ball and a putter and driver went out on the nearby green.
  • Everything is now ready for you, except selecting the songs, but at all events you shall receive one more than our agreement.
  • Casey was a handy tool in many ways, rarely appearing in person but adept in selecting suitable agents.
  • Of course I consented at once, and was very much gratified by his selecting me as his companion.
  • The other girl turned and walked into the room, selecting an easy chair and seating herself with every appearance of meaning to stay.
  • How are the selecting relays in Roberts line restored to their normal position after a conversation is finished?
  • I have already spoken with him, and suggested his only selecting musicians who can accomplish a performance, rather than a mere rehearsal.
  • The practice may be modified according to the size of estate by selecting more than one plant each year, but the principle remains unaltered.
  • The entire selecting function of the Roberts system is performed by this simple piece of apparatus at each station.
  • To guard as much as possible against defects, Bert had been especially careful in selecting his motorcycle.
  • In selecting puppies it is best to choose rough-coated ones, as they are better able to stand the exposure of cold, rough nights.
  • In selecting examples and illustrations, the writer has endeavoured to avoid, as far as possible, those already familiar to the general reader.
  • Cosmo Versal, of course, had every reason to conceal the fact that he was carefully selecting his company.
  • After selecting and packing up some necessary articles of dress, I sat down to write a few lines to be delivered to my father after my departure.
  • He found a number of skiffs on the opposite side, and, selecting the one that suited him best, he hoisted the sail and filled away for the island.
  • I was always particularly careful in selecting my stock, as from the nature of my trade I could ill afford to use bad ones.
  • In Mr. Stoddard's volume we have a poet selecting such poems as illustrate the loves of the poets.
  • His skill and power are confined to so selecting and arranging the incidents as to provide his psychological data with the freest possible development.
  • After considerable thought it was decided to insert brief captions from time to time that might aid the eye in selecting the larger subjects of the text.
  • The Hyacinth Club has the reputation of selecting its members from among the freshest and most active spirits in literature, science, and art.

Definition of Selecting

present participle of select

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