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  • He was too selfishly stingy.
  • Do not selfishly give yourself up to your own feelings.
  • They were so selfishly exclusive and so proud.
  • At first I was almost selfishly glad about this.
  • England is certainly great, but it is selfishly for herself.
  • I will endeavour to set myself selfishly at work on this poem that is to be.
  • I left him, having selfishly shrunk from the necessity to interrogate Iskar.
  • The Spartans, I suspect, found her out and kept her selfishly to themselves.

How To Use Selfishly In A Sentence?

  • I thought he did not care much, and the thought selfishly made my own heartache worse.
  • You selfishly enjoy his visit, not suspecting that you, too, are ignorantly helpful.
  • In this manner, and other ways, can every man act, both selfishly or unselfishly.
  • He acted selfishly and unpatriotically, but not with that deliberate villany with which he has been charged.
  • He felt that she was thinking he had acted selfishly and he must prove to her that everything would be all right.
  • This does not mean that they should avoid or neglect being alone together at times, but they should not obviously and selfishly absent themselves.
  • Because a man has married a woman who is sterile or who selfishly refuses to bear children should not be a reason why he should be denied an heir.
  • For social exclusiveness shows an absorption in each other which, if selfishly indulged, will bring its own penalty.
  • If anybody else in town besides the agent knew of the contemplated rescue, he kept it selfishly to himself.
  • Sometimes he longed that she might share his trouble, selfishly longed that in her ears might ring the cry of pain that tormented his.
  • At this point Harry glided selfishly away again in thought to add fresh colouring to his happy future.
  • Nicola is also self-willed, and selfishly sets aside all claims, both of family and friends, in her desire to become famous.
  • If she, like him, could change, and accept selfishly that which she would scorn in another, she would not be the splendid creature she was.
  • To be sure the attention thrust upon us was of kindly intent, though Will declared the pleasure was theirs and more or less selfishly bestowed.
  • I know that if a woman is going to selfishly take her own happiness with no thought of others she must expect to find herself outside the lives of decent people.
  • He cursed Fortemani, who had selfishly refused to take an active part in the admission of Gian Maria.
  • She made no further attempt to find sympathy or support among her neighbors, who looked at her curiously as she stood there, and turned away selfishly when she faced them.
  • After breakfast, we all played croquet, and then I shut myself into my room with my German books, and selfishly saw no one till dinner.
  • She was selfishly desirous to have her anxieties at rest, for, as she had told her husband, they were the only cloud on her happiness, and she wanted that happiness complete.
  • So in place of going to church and selfishly reforming myself, I shall have to be content with watching Dolly and Harry reform themselves.
  • Mamie Reilly, being discovered on the roof and selfishly claimed below, was thrust kicking and wriggling over the side and into the ready hands at the window.

Definition of Selfishly

In a selfish manner; with regard to private interest only or chiefly.
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