Semblance In A Sentence

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  • There was but the semblance of it.
  • There was no semblance of a path.
  • So different was the semblance that he wore.
  • And they began a semblance of war.
  • And he had not the least semblance to a foreigner.
  • He rose with some semblance of dignity.
  • A semblance of truth more beautiful than the truth.
  • Caleb pulled his face into a semblance of sobriety.
  • He saw now that it had some semblance to a human outline.
  • Even the semblance of moderation was tossed aside.
  • The semblance of mirth was gone from his voice.
  • The semblance turns to sweet reality.
  • He hated even the semblance of cynicism in women.
  • His lordship studied his painted semblance critically.
  • It left only fragments that bore no semblance to men.
  • He did not display the least semblance of self-seeking.
  • They hide virtues under vices, or the semblance of them.
  • Yet, all life still proves to be but a semblance of life.
  • At last I made out some semblance of a plan.
  • Mr. Harker shook his head with a grim semblance of a smile.
  • Yet is not their will turned away from some semblance of joy.
  • Was it the semblance of the mistress of this once rich abode?
  • Tell me but under what semblance the pigmy enemies invade you?
  • From their garden the very hills had the semblance of a back-cloth.
  • Only the royalists managed to preserve a semblance of unity.
  • The world is challenged to produce the semblance of a parallel to this.
  • There there had been some semblance of habitation; here was abandonment.
  • Taranto is overbuilt into the semblance of a mediaeval if not a modern city.
  • This charter had granted no semblance of self-government to the settlers.
  • The only semblance of a fortification was an adobe wall facing the bluffs.
  • Its biblical style imparts to the book a semblance of antiquity.
  • The spell had been snapped which had made him wear the semblance of evil.
  • I hate being used to give it a semblance of scientific authenticity.
  • Victor watched them till they dwindled into the semblance of so many ravens.
  • Outwardly his face wore the semblance of a severe mental struggle.
  • This produces the semblance of a small diamond pattern on the rubber.
  • There was no confusion, not even a semblance of constraint about her.
  • The estate seemed to be the visible semblance of a power which troubled him.

How To Use Semblance In A Sentence?

  • Bolinger was the only one who had retained any semblance of scientific interest.
  • The face was disfigured beyond all semblance of what it might have been in life.

Definition of Semblance

likeness, similarity; the quality of being similar. | the way something looks; appearance; form
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