Send in a sentence

Definition of Send

(transitive) To make something (such as an object or message) go from one place to another. | (slang, dated) To excite, delight, or thrill (someone). | To bring to a certain condition.

How to use Send in a Sentence?

  • How would your mother send an order to the butcher for meat if she did not wish to go for it?
  • She showed us to our rooms and said she would send for us when dinner was ready.
  • How could a farmer send a message to the city ordering new milk cans and strawberry boxes?
  • The quickest way to send a message is by cable, telegraph, telephone or wireless message.
  • She would spread a report that I was jealous of her, and had asked you to send her away.
  • I wrote Orion and offered him half, and asked him to send his share of the money.
  • Papa sends you his love, and I send lots and lots of mine, and millions of kisses.
  • Will you send four or five of your men with me to the Writing-Stone to look for that stuff?
  • It's the best thing I've heard of him, his wanting to send that map to his mate.
  • Of what use are notes of hand to us?" said he, "who can we send with you to Rome to receive it?
  • In olden days the persons had to carry all of their messages for themselves or send them by other persons.
  • If I can pick up any Thing new for you, before I go hence, I will not fail to send it to you.
  • Provide all the comforts you can; and here are a couple of guineas, to send for any refreshments you have not in the house.
  • My commanding officer left me there to await the necessary transport while he went back to camp to send it.
  • The boys made the experiment and they found that there was no art that could send a ball down that alley and fail to score a ten-strike with it.
  • Sure he couldn't think it necessary to send me this, for fear I should trouble him!
  • One day he saw a picture by Velasquez, and he understood how horrid were the red things he used to send to the academy.

Short Example Sentence for Send

  • I will send him to you.
  • They send for him when they have a case.
  • Tell them to send as many as they want to.
  • Then send the usher out for more police help.
  • My friends live there, and will send them on to me.
  • No; it would not be wise to send her away.
  • Tis impossible To send her hence.
  • That I should send the boy to call you forth.
  • I will go down-stairs and send him away to begin with. . .
  • I must send over to Billoora for a man or two.
  • Really, I ought to send for one.
  • St. Patrick send he may be a pure dry one!
  • Do better, if you can, And send me packing.
  • But now he'll send her home again.
  • It is quicker and easier to send messages asking for what is needed.
  • No; rather send it by your son. CHREM.
  • Both at Kangma and here we had to send out foraging parties.
  • Our Booklet describes it fully, and we shall be delighted to send you copy.
  • And how could I send you alone, with such an opportunity to be taken care of!
  • I got my Share of them, and only wait for an Opportunity to send some to you.
  • Also I think I shall send a detail to bring in those bodies.
  • It said, "If Mark Twain dying send five hundred words.
  • I'll send a despatch to Whoop Up and MacLeod, and we'll see what turns up.

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