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  • God who gives the wound sends the cure.
  • See how fast he sends the boat through the water.
  • He sends his last words to his own true love.
  • He sends it off like a lamb and behold the result!
  • Commerce sends abroad multitudes of different classes.
  • God sends wrinkles, but what is our face?
  • When God sends the morning, the light shines upon all.
  • A man should take what God sends him standing up. . .
  • And, lo, Pomona sends us her choicest golden plums.
  • Fortunate is he when fine weather sends him to rest on the river banks.
  • Heaven is merciful, and sends relief in the greatest distress.
  • He causes money to circulate; he always sends the tradespeople away satisfied.
  • The Great Mountain sends me to you, and I speak in his voice.
  • To Parmeno, his lov'd and honor'd friend, Gnatho sends greeting.
  • Mother sends you her love and is sorry she can't be here to congratulate you.
  • If a man sends a thing like this anonymously, he can't possibly complain.
  • She sends back the tracts I gave her--torn in halves.

How To Use Sends In A Sentence?

  • The captain of the detectives then sends out his men to search for the robbers.
  • The spring of these emotions is the natural body, but it sends pulsations far into the spirit.
  • He it is who sends these great convulsions, or who directs the slow upheaving of new land.
  • Well above the base the stem enlarges, turns white, cracks, and sends out roots.
  • The thought of it sends a pang through me, of such anguish as I dare not speak of.
  • That sends his farre-heard voice to terrifie The wicked hearts of earthly citizens!
  • Pap sends his regards to you, Shorty, and mother and the girls want to be kindly remembered.
  • Papa sends you his love, and I send lots and lots of mine, and millions of kisses.
  • Aye, and if you knew The gift he sends to be compar'd with this, You'd cry alas, indeed!
  • Yasmini sends and pays their board and gambling debts, and she's our man, so to speak.
  • From the brooding timber the owl sends his call of despair across acres of friendly fields placid in the dew.
  • Often the girl comes in advance of the others and sends money back to bring over her parents and younger brothers and sisters.
  • She sends her favourite maiden on a quest which is fraught with much danger; on the accomplishment of that mission thy happiness depends.
  • Oxford sends out yearly twenty or thirty very able men, and three or four hundred well-educated men.
  • I be better halfe of the sutor my selfe; and having imposed this audacity on me, he sends me hither first for exercise.
  • It was a spiritual swoon which Heaven sends us when the load of pain becomes greater than we can bear.
  • Isolda sends for Tristan and tells him he has wronged her, and begs him to drink the cup of peace with her.
  • Burns writes a copy of verses, and sends them to a newspaper, and the human race take charge of them that they shall not perish.
  • He sends one elder out of court, and asks the other under what tree Susanna committed the indiscretion.
  • Birmingham sends 190 parcels and takes a like number; whilst Bath sends 160 and takes in return 250 parcels daily.
  • There's a lady teetotaller, and she's a little out of sorts; so she sends a note to the doctor, and he sends back a nice bottle of stuff.
  • If the cast Which is most necessary be not thrown, That which chance sends you must correct by art.
  • This sends current through all of the relays in such direction as to withdraw both the moving and the holding pawls from the segments and thus allow all of the segments to return to their normal positions.

Definition of Sends

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of send
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