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  • All the joys of a sensual life seemed as if they had never been.
  • She gave herself up to a sensual delight in the combinations of words.
  • It is a race that moves on the poles of mystic sensual delight.
  • His somewhat sensual lips were always smiling and jolly on public occasions.
  • And you should have seen the bright eyes, and heard the sensual accents!
  • But to the sensual undiscerning multitude, Pathema was no heroine.
  • Even in sensual France such atrocities could not utterly sink to the ground.
  • The six abodes of Nats are places of sensual pleasure and enjoyments.
  • But I let myself be lured into long spells of senseless and sensual ease.
  • Bhagwan Singh's sensual lips creased in a cruel smile.
  • In depths of sensual pleasure drown'd, Let us our fiery passions still!

How To Use Sensual In A Sentence?

  • Harry had more of a poetic liking for sweet odors and beauty than a sensual one.
  • The swollen head and face and ears are nothing to the charm of sensual indulgence.
  • It was her face with its piercing eyes, its pointed nose and its smiling and sensual mouth.
  • Every experiment by multitudes or by individuals, that has a sensual or selfish aim, will fail.
  • Man knows the great consummation in the flesh, the sensual ecstasy, and that is eternal.
  • A great horror was upon him, a frightful awakening from the long, sensual sloth of his life.
  • A singular fact, that, when man is a brute, he is the most sensual and loathsome of all brutes.
  • Neither wealth, fame, office, nor sensual pleasure can yield such good as we need.
  • I cannot breathe through my nose, so my mouth, with sensual thick lips, is almost always open.
  • This repentance will be naturally all the heartier, as it is no longer interrupted by sensual impressions.
  • Kant had denied the existence of any faculty that could guarantee the existence of either a sensual or a supersensual world.
  • Why have you preserved fresh your youthful vigor, and not dissipated it at the market of sensual pleasures?
  • This he does partly by cynical criticism and opposition, but more especially by holding out the lures of the sensual life.
  • The meaner and the more sensual the demands of a man are, so much the less possible it becomes to cheat him.
  • The voluptuous man never restricts his sensual gratification; his soul dies on the slightest approach of pain.
  • His shaking hands, the intense greed with which he swallowed the mixture, were horrible in their sensual revelation.
  • That which he wanted and would have, the sensual excitement, in his soul he did not want it, no, not at all.
  • And in the hollows are the grape hyacinths, purple as noon, with the heavy, sensual fragrance of noon.
  • Its authorship has been ascribed to Solomon for no better reason than because that sensual sultan is one of the subjects of its story.
  • The story which might so easily be made ugly or sensual is treated by Euripides with a delicate and austere purity.
  • The clean-shaven jaw was full of power, the mouth was refined and artistic, without being either sensual or weak.
  • Carried on in this way, eating is no longer the coarse and sensual thing we make it, with our set meal-times and elaborate preparations.
  • He was too lazy and sensual to delight in playing the part of a tyrant himself; but he never checked tyranny in others, save in one instance.
  • That happiness which men were created to find in fellowship with the Highest, they seek in base and sensual forms.
  • But that other love, sensual love, which has something good, a great deal of good about it, is really terrible in this climate.
  • There was a subtle smile on the face of the men, subtle, knowing, so finely sensual that the conscious eyes could scarcely look at it.
  • In the same way the consciousness of the value of the sensual as sin and of the pure as virtue is only a reflex of the subjective impressions of pure souls.
  • To all the sensual world proclaim, One crowded hour of glorious life Is worth an age without a name.
  • The pleasures derived from it are strictly sensual and corporeal, and contribute in no way to the expansion of the mind, like those of hearing and seeing.

Definition of Sensual

Inducing pleasurable or erotic sensations. | Of or pertaining to the physical senses; sensory. | Provoking or exciting a strong response in the senses.
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