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  • The sensuous waves invite you to their embrace.
  • To the ignoble portion belong the sensuous appetites.
  • An exquisite thing, sensuous and soft!
  • It seldom or never rises from sensuous to pure thought.
  • What is the Sensuous memory?
  • With a kind of sensuous pleasure he let himself be conquered.
  • There is a sensuous beauty in this poem which makes it altogether lovely.
  • Simple melody or harmony appeals mostly to the sensuous love of sweet sounds.
  • There was something curiously sensuous to Joan about dancing.
  • Honor recalled the flashing eyes, the sensuous mouth, and quailed.
  • Verdi is the most nervous, theatric, sensuous composer of the present century.

How To Use Sensuous In A Sentence?

  • Now he forgot all that he had meant to tell her in the sensuous delight of her mere presence.
  • The mystery and companionship of the sub-tropical night was upon them with its sensuous caresses.
  • It is the life and the fulfilment of the peasant, this flow of sensuous experience.
  • I said in the first chapter that philosophy is the movement from sensuous to non-sensuous thought.
  • The spiritual applications of words is pleasantly educed out of their sensuous qualities, also.
  • It is self-projection into the self, the sensuous self satisfied in a projected self.
  • And this is totally sensuous thinking, whereas the aim of philosophy is to rise to pure thought.
  • But it makes no difference at all whether perception is sensuous {154} or super-sensuous.
  • With matter we never come in sensuous contact; we only know its forces, as expressed in phenomena.
  • But art sees the Absolute not in its final truth, but wrapped up in a sensuous drapery.
  • For learning there is sensuous experience, for thought there is myth and drama and dancing and singing.
  • My quality is sensuous and ruled by warm impulses; hers was discriminating and essentially inhibitory.
  • The distinctive trait of his dramatic conceptions seems to be an imagination hovering between sensuous images and mystic dreams.
  • His expression was slightly sensuous about the mouth and chin, but his eyes were quick and penetrating in their glance.
  • But the rest of his poems aim at something very different from the simple, sensuous and passionate and are on a different plane.
  • But they illustrate the extraordinary difficulty that the ordinary mind experiences in attempting to rise from sensuous to non-sensuous thinking.
  • It is stubborn, knowing its own undeniable being, sure of the absolute reality of the sensuous experience.
  • That adherents of the sensuous philosophy professed the orthodox doctrines, is a circumstance that throws the above statement into bolder relief.
  • Sometimes his consort is the earth; and then we have a sensuous and immoral worship such as that of the Canaanites.
  • The angels left them as they entered the primeval night of chaos, the shoreless ocean between the sensuous and spiritual life.
  • Though he is nailed down upon an irrevocable fate, yet, within that fate he has the power and the delight of all sensuous experience.
  • Leverich liked to surround his wife with luxuries, to give her everything that money could buy and that her gently sensuous temperament craved.
  • We saw in the first chapter, that man is naturally a materialist, and that philosophy is the movement from sensuous to non-sensuous thought.
  • The first answer to the question, what the ultimate reality is, places the nature of that reality in a sensuous object, water.
  • They were evidently people on a low, material plane of existence, and quite incapable of appreciating the symbolic value of sensuous phenomena.
  • The modern idea of chastity, especially in reference to woman, its greatest victim, is but the sensuous exaggeration of our natural impulses.
  • And then, in sensuous curiosity, his thoughts turned on the pleasure of life in this beautiful house, in the society of two charming women.
  • It ceases to be attached to the many objects, as such, that is to say, to the sensuous envelopes of the Idea of beauty.
  • The rise from the Ionic to the Eleatic philosophy is therefore essentially a rise from sensuous to pure thinking.

Definition of Sensuous

Appealing to the senses, or to sensual gratification. | (not comparable) Of or relating to the senses; sensory.
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