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  • Religious sentimentality changes into passion.
  • Mawkish sentimentality had no place in her character.
  • This leprosy of sentimentality would have been charming.
  • Now this sort of sentimentality always makes me furious.
  • Eye, and ear, and natural sentimentality are all pleased.
  • In my sentimentality I preferred to greet you here.
  • Vapid sentimentality was about as far as I could get.
  • The hands of your own fancy and sentimentality have made him.
  • But he did not mean to let his idiotic sentimentality carry him away again.
  • Caleb stuttered furiously at first, for sentimentality shamed him.
  • Archie's tone was charged with the sentimentality of his years.

How To Use Sentimentality In A Sentence?

  • The sentimentality of hatred is uglier and more fatuous than the sentimentality of brotherhood.
  • There was no sentimentality in the gaze, but undeniably strong liking and respect.
  • While patience and sympathy are both needed in group living, sentimentality is to be avoided.
  • When this comes, there will be less sentimentality but much deeper feeling about marriage.
  • He had an instinct to keep it, but his sentimentality irritated him, and he flung it away.
  • The Batavian Republic had been spared through the sentimentality of the French revolutionists.
  • The ladies assembled were wondrously fine (Young Sentimentality called them 'divine').
  • That is much better represented by sentimentality and the motives drawn from it rather than from religion.
  • It is with them as if devotion to a fatal sentimentality had bid defiance to every instinct of self-preservation.
  • He had said himself that he was a sentimentalist, and when sentimentality is joined with scepticism there is often the devil to pay.
  • But sentimentality had been there also, and he was now shivering with a presentiment of the length to which it might one day carry him.
  • It would not be decent comedy, it would be mere burlesque, as sentimentality always is to the judicious.
  • No doubt, she thought, when the ship stopped and they felt better, they would be more disposed to a sentimentality like hers.
  • The sentimentality of the Werther period was only the stepdaughter of the emotional mania of the old Pietism.
  • From this he proceeded to decry over-wrought sentiment in favor of criminals: Germs of maudlin sentimentality are widespread.
  • And then she blushed and told herself that she was a big story teller and sentimentality from some one who should be nameless would not be so trying, after all.
  • Pushkin has been accused (not by the Russians) of sentimentality ... a charge that can be confuted by quoting almost any of his lines at random.
  • It was sentimentality that made him draw her as he did: determination to prove that the girl who loved as he wanted her to love was just as conventional as any one else.
  • She had already discovered a vein of sentimentality in Mrs. Gray, and she was right in judging that the request would please her.
  • Only they can make others feel who feel themselves, but sentiment is apt to be confounded with sentimentality unless it is guided by a scholarly mind.
  • The teaching of all forms of morality and sentimentality in schools produces not only belief but reaction, and the livelier and more energetic the pupil the more likely he is to react rather than accept.
  • The South is only just becoming rich enough to support professional philanthropists, and an outlet for sentimentality has been found in other directions.
  • He rose to heights of sentimentality and delved into depths of obscenity, now speaking of his heart and what it had suffered, and again leering and chuckling like a satyr over some tale of splendid desire.
  • He had wits enough for anything and sufficient feeling and imagination to write a good song; but in these early days his intellect served chiefly to save him from sentimentality and the grosser kinds of rhetoric.
  • Fathers are ignorant of the problems of family training; they oscillate between the wishy-washy sentimentality that permits anarchy in the home and the harsh, unthinking despotism that breeds hatred and rebellion.

Definition of Sentimentality

An act of being sentimental.
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