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  • I cannot separate the two.
  • Take them in separate rooms.
  • She appeared to scrutinize each separate letter.
  • He descended the pulpit, and endeavoured to separate them.
  • Also Three separate Vols., in cloth, viz.
  • You can't separate them.
  • As consciousness, the Soul has come to separate what it is from what it feels.
  • The Riley portion has been released as a separate e-text, #22188.
  • Advised the King not to separate himself from his army Grand-Dieu, mamma!
  • The West Indies separate a part of the ocean from the main Atlantic Ocean.

How To Use Separate In A Sentence?

  • An immense weariness weighed him down and every separate muscle had its own distinctive ache.
  • Departs from previous practice in having two separate cars, each of which contains one motor.
  • Was it worth while letting so paltry an indulgence separate for ever between himself and one whom he so dearly loved?
  • Almost any transmitter may be packed by drawing the diaphragm forward so as to widely separate the electrodes.
  • The gatherers wore masks while they tried to separate those individuals still connected in their copulation.
  • If so charming when separate from form, what is colour when properly combined with beautiful shapes?
  • You will keep a separate book, in which you will set down the accounts of the treasurer as herein stated.
  • These men here are dividing her up into separate pieces, and meantime she is going down the hill every day.
  • And, again, the all becomes more than one, for being and the whole will each have their separate nature.
  • They seem also to be in part reflections of the past, and it is difficult to separate in them what is original and what is borrowed.
  • What variable strain in their natures impelled them to lead their own separate lives instead of the collective life of the family?
  • Fry the bacon in a separate pan until brown, remove from the pan and put it in the oven for a few minutes to crisp it.
  • Near the tops and bottoms of the slopes barbed wire fences separate the woodlands from the grasslands, which were grazed until 1948.
  • If more than one such sentence is required, it is generally better to set apart the transitional sentences as a separate paragraph.
  • These parts or kinds are not separate and co-existent faculties: but grades in the co-ordination and unification of the same one human nature.
  • An edition, with pictures on separate pages, appeared early in the next year, which is the one here reproduced.
  • The arches, which separate the choir from the ambulatory, and through one of which in my sketch the high altar is seen, are of very great interest.
  • Across the road a group of three trees was delicately etched, with each separate branch and twig, on the slate-coloured evening sky.
  • They ate in the same refectory with the knights and priests, although at separate tables, and with always one dish less than the higher classes.
  • The pattern is in bluish-black on a white ground; and both ground and inlay are made apparently in two separate pieces of glass, and in two only.
  • The debts due to the Company at the closing of the accounts must be entered in a separate memorandum, and submitted with the accounts.
  • Russia had passed into the hands of the Bolsheviki and was preparing to make a separate peace with Germany.
  • The belief in the separate unity and persistence of the soul, said Kant, is not a scientifically-warranted conclusion.
  • Black, white, and gold, being neutral, may be advantageously employed to separate colours where separation is necessary or desirable.
  • The desire of the Turk to separate his wife from the rest of the world, goes so far, that he even dislikes to hear her mentioned.
  • It is not always easy or convenient to maintain at such private switchboards a separate battery for supplying the current needed by the local exchange.
  • A careful review of these snakes is needed to verify the validity of the characters used to separate the subspecies and to determine areas of intergradation.
  • All foreign letters are sent in separate bags, so as to keep them apart on arrival in London from the inland Christmas missives.
  • It was clear to us and must have been so to him that it was for his interest to separate the three or four hundred officers from the thousands of prisoners accustomed to obey our orders.
  • To all these processes of truth and error, Aristotle, in the next generation, gave distinctness; he brought them together in a separate science.

Definition of Separate

Apart from (the rest); not connected to or attached to (anything else). | (followed by “from”) Not together (with); not united (to). | (transitive) To divide (a thing) into separate parts.
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