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  • And what distinction separates them?
  • Death separates effectually.
  • Love separates effectually.
  • Life separates still more mightily.
  • A single unlocked door separates her from him.
  • A screen separates the deserted one from the courting pair.
  • The liquors are concentrated and the green vitriol separates from them.
  • She passed the limit which separates perfect sanity from mania.
  • The mother, observing innocent caresses between the two, separates them.
  • God separates from all that does not lead us into His holiness and fellowship.
  • Many men have tramped the distance that separates us from the Moon.
  • If a membrane separates two liquids of different composition (Fig.

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  • It also separates into two stars, one being reddish and the other bluish in color.
  • Just now he is once more nearing the imaginary line that separates proper from impropa-Gandhism.
  • A broad garden separates the house, which is eighteenth-century English, from the sidewalk.
  • They will continue to believe out of existence every consideration that separates them until they have come together.
  • I forgot that it is not for the prejudiced eye to detect the almost imperceptible bound which separates soundness of mind from insanity.
  • This separates the buckles of the girths, and makes a smooth flat bearing for the thigh of the rider.
  • The table separates some elements altogether which, in many respects have closely agreeing properties.
  • Indeterminate matter by a vaguely conceived process separates itself into "the hot" and "the cold.
  • If the cooling goes on slowly, the carbon partially separates as flakes of graphite which remain scattered through the metal.
  • And the distance that separates us from the Sun must serve in calculating the distances of the stars.
  • The clear liquid which separates when milk is curdled with rennet is called whey, and contains the milk sugar and mineral salts.
  • The remaining liquid contains the milk sugar which separates on evaporation; it resembles cane sugar in appearance but is not so sweet or soluble.
  • At the north-east corner an iron rail fence separates the hospital grounds from the sidewalk, but the other three corners are vacant lots.
  • When a solid is dissolved in water and the resulting solution is allowed to evaporate, the solid separates out, often in the form of crystals.
  • He will probably extend his researches to the high land which separates India from the Russian empire.
  • Paris, besides, is the capital of the intellectual world, the stage on which you will succeed; overleap the gulf that separates us quickly.
  • The party separates for the night, after a longish melancholic prayer and a chapter of the great Bible from Stuurmann.
  • Though we are reminded by him again and again that we are gathering up the world in ideas, we feel after all that we have not really spanned the gulf which separates phainomena from onta.
  • The Sun seems to touch the Earth when it disappears in the purple mists of twilight: an immense abyss separates us from it.
  • It is precisely because they cannot understand and articulate words that the experiment is valuable; for it separates the effect of the tone from the effect of the word spoken.
  • The two incidents are drastic, concrete illustrations of the gulf which separates British and German conceptions of right and wrong.
  • So far from troubling himself about the line which separates the human agency from the divine, he calmly and quietly speaks as if such a line had no existence.
  • It is found that the ability of a given charged conductor to induce charges on other neighboring conductors varies largely with the insulating medium or dielectric that separates them.
  • Each half of each chromosome separates from its fellow, and moves to the opposite end of the nucleus toward the two centrosomes (Fig. 31).
  • For in that valley, which separates the mountains, I see dark clouds, and storms, and armies marching and engaged in deadly contest.
  • When sulphur crystallizes from its solution in carbon disulphide it separates in crystals which have the same color and melting point as roll sulphur, and are rhombic in shape.
  • A wall, in front of which is a screen of the most gorgeous and florid architecture and executed in solid stone, separates the nave from the service choir.
  • For the second time in fifteen minutes, her instinct for distinguishing the line which separates the boldly effective from the futilely impertinent was standing her in good stead.

Definition of Separates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of separate | plural of separate
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