Septum in a sentence

Definition of Septum

(anatomy) A wall separating two cavities; a partition | (botany) A partition that separates the cells of a fruit. | (mycology) A partition that separates the cells of a (septated) fungus.

How to use Septum in a Sentence?

  • The division deepens, the septum divides into two lamellae, and finally two cells are formed.
  • A circular constriction of the organism takes place midway between these aggregations, and a septum is formed in the interior of the cell at right angles to its length.
  • In order that each ventricle be opened without mutilating the fleshy columns, tendinous cords, and valves, cut on each side of the septum parallel to it.
  • The septum of the joint has been cut away so as to leave a Swastika of normal form, the four arms of which are connected with the outer walls of the bamboo.

Short Example Sentence for Septum

  • I, The septum between the right and left ventricle.