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How To Use Sequence In A Sentence?

  • Consequently they were not altogether sure of the sequence of events themselves.
  • But we may neglect those parts of the sequence which are under the control of our will.
  • It is a sequence which no advocate of the philosophical necessity is ever heard to deny.
  • I state my theory of the sequence of events and furnish the verification afterwards?
  • They have been the sequence of cold, resistless demonstrations of experiment and fact.
  • The sequence of the four economic periods outlined above must not be understood too absolutely.
  • It came as the grand finale to a sequence of particularly severe snowfalls and hard blows.
  • This sequence must include an iot instruction which performs nothing but the in-out wait.
  • His entering the monastery was the logical sequence of his previous Catholic tutelage.
  • The molars erupt in sequence from front to back, and wear shows first on M1 and last on M3.
  • This confession is a natural sequence of the authorized King James Version of the Bible in 1611.
  • It remains a mystery which does not justify any expectation that the same sequence will result again.
  • The vast area of these formations and the complete sequence which they show are scarcely equalled elsewhere.
  • The one bit of chancy luck in a sequence of direful catastrophes had brought him here to this very spot.
  • The sequence described above is the rule; exceptionally, there are some specimens which molted in patches.
  • This division is inconvenient in one respect; it takes too little account of the sequence of historical events.
  • The anarchical revolts of 1851, are only a sequence of crimes committed upwards of half a century ago.
  • It is one of their fixed ideas, and wrathfully supported by their laws in unbroken sequence for a thousand years.
  • Completion of the block transfer is signified by either setting a program flag, or entering the sequence break.
  • To what extent, if any, is the eruption a natural or necessary sequence of the previous symptoms or condition of the system.
  • During the long sequence of centuries which we have divided into three great periods, the national centre of gravity was more than once displaced.
  • A break to a particular sequence may be initiated by the completion of an in-out device, the program, or an external signal.
  • I understand you to say that words which have a meaning when in sequence may be connected, but that words which have no meaning when in sequence cannot be connected?
  • Out here we rarely think about them; the thing which wears on one most and calls out his gravest courage is the endless sequence of physical discomfort.
  • If the two numbers are different, the Program Counter is indexed one extra position and the next instruction in the sequence is skipped.
  • If the two numbers are identical, the Program Counter is indexed one extra position and the next instruction in the sequence is skipped.
  • Maseden fancied that he had placed too great a strain on her by detailing with such precision the sequence of events during those crowded hours at Cartagena.
  • But let us trace the chronological sequence in history of that great institution, the real as well as logical coherence of which has just been set forth.
  • If the Sequence Break System is connected, the completion of the transfer will signal the proper sequence.
  • There is, so to speak, no physical phenomenon in which the notion of time linked to the sequence of our states of consciousness does not play a considerable part.
  • As far as I personally am concerned, I know of nothing more strange than the usual logical and natural sequence of events on our globe.
  • To this invariable sequence of psychical movement the superior control and direction by the intelligent self has to adapt itself, just as it respects the order of physical laws.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sequence | Sequence Sentence

  • This is the duration of the sequence of phases.
  • There is a necessary sequence of phases in love.
  • In what part of this sequence did man appear?
  • The author has followed a true sequence of events.
  • It may be helpful briefly to indicate the sequence of themes.
  • More and more nervous, she was losing hold on the sequence of her facts.
  • This new sequence may be broken by a higher priority sequence.
  • He has merely had the sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, said over to him frequently.

Definition of Sequence

(transitive) to arrange in an order | (transitive) to determine the order of things, especially of amino acids in a protein, or of bases in a nucleic acid | (transitive) to produce (music) with a sequencer
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