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  • Finally they saw some Serbs there.
  • The Serbs have lovely voices.
  • Serbs and Russians were attacked and ill-treated.
  • It seems hard that they have to fight against the Serbs.
  • Prilip, Serbs capture, 53.
  • They take a poor way to gain favor with us Serbs.
  • These birds, in particular, are the Serbs of the air.
  • Bulgars were sacrificed to Greeks and to Serbs.
  • A few guns were fired at Semlin by the Serbs.
  • The Serbs, as soon as any attempt is made, fire on them.
  • We have alluded to the relations between Serbs and Croats.
  • And the Serbs accepted the Christian faith.
  • Used by the Serbs to bring down German aeroplanes.
  • The Roumanians and Serbs did not come until later.
  • The Serbs and the Albanians look most picturesque.
  • You know I love the Serbs no less than you do!
  • We have Serbs, English and French here.
  • Serbs, see Servia.
  • We then went on to where the Serbs were practising firing the shells.
  • The Serbs are very brave and some of them stand pain so well.
  • It is so picturesque to see all the Serbs in their quaint costumes.
  • Their splendid appearance seemed an augury of victory for the Serbs.
  • The Serbs turned up the soil and found about 80,000 pieces of ammunition.
  • In any case, the Serbs deserved a lesson which they would remember.
  • The Serbs allowed them to cross, and then took 2,000 prisoners.
  • The fate of the Serbs differed only in degree from that of the Bulgarians.
  • They had not imagined, so they said, that the Serbs would come so quickly.
  • The Montenegrins also differ from the Serbs in their cultivation of the arts.
  • Again we were told that the piratical Serbs had seized the town of Alessio.
  • A few weeks ago one of the Serbs swam across and joined the Austrians.
  • For Serbs and Bulgars have always been hypnotized by Macedonia.

How To Use Serbs In A Sentence?

  • How can we Serbs talk of freedom for ourselves, yet hold this wild creature prisoner?
  • It is most wonderful the amount of guns which the Serbs have taken from the Austrians.
  • When the Serbs drove them out, they found a freshly-made cemetery full of wooden crosses.
  • The Serbs started firing at them, and the shrapnel fell on the road below, quite a lot of it.
  • Whatever may be happening in Transylvania, they have a very poor case against the Serbs.
  • However, the Serbs and Croats have a man whose counsel is more worthy of attention.
  • At one time there were a good many Serbs in Afion, but we saw very little of them.
  • Let the Serbs and Croats and Slovenes retain what is most precious to each of them.
  • The Serbs, for reasons into which I need not enter, were inarticulate with rage.
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