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  • She looked at me with serene wonder.
  • And serene utterance of old.
  • They were serene and still in the gold of the afternoon.
  • How silently serene a sea of pride!
  • Such serene tidings moved such human smart.
  • And far, far away the serene snowcaps!
  • In Weather most serene and bright.
  • Lady Mabel looked at him with a serene smile.
  • He has come to pay his respects to his Serene Highness.
  • But the whole of the writings showed a serene exaltation of mind.
  • The talk passed from mouth to mouth in the usual serene way.
  • Again old age gossiped in the streets and sat serene at its board of council.
  • Sadly stricken, St. Nicolas remained quiet and serene under the blow.

How To Use Serene In A Sentence?

  • No sleep is thoroughly sound and good unless your face assumes a perfectly serene expression.
  • But a few chapters from Ivanhoe read to them by their mother made all serene again.
  • Perhaps the admixture of Dravidian blood has imparted to it a more serene tolerance.
  • There is a look of serene and sober content about him, how communicated I know not.
  • As a rule the gods of Egypt are serene and good beings; here only dualism shows itself.
  • She has fair hair and a serene fair face somewhat like the Liberty face on our silver dollar.
  • But the loftiest of all the Vedic gods is Varuna, the great serene luminous heaven.
  • He was under the impression that His Serene Highness would sleep long and soundly.
  • His countenance has a serene manliness about it when in repose, and great acuteness and vivacity when animated.
  • A second glance showed him nothing but one of those red sunsets in which such serene days sometimes close.
  • They turned and looked at the serene front with its gold-rimmed windows, to him the shrine of so much adoration.
  • Without setting herself up in haughtiness, she yet overbore all opposition by her serene composure and calm serenity in the result.
  • The gypsies bore the pressure with the serene equanimity of cosmopolite superiority, smiling at provincial rawness.
  • Certainly in their serene and sentimental association she had stumbled on no hidden fires, no reddening embers of that earlier passion.
  • On the contrary, her superior manners and serene airs provoked him, by causing him to feel how inferior he himself was to her.
  • And even in the serene afternoon of his life lovely woman often disturbed his soul, just as in the days of his youth.
  • Her serene and cheerful temper makes every one happy about her; and her charity is unbounded, but dispensed with a just discrimination.
  • She had spent wakeful hours as a result of that meeting; but the cloud of apprehension had passed, leaving her sky serene again.
  • I was rather disposed to wait and see who would join my little girl with her wild eyes, and my serene young lady.
  • Mrs. Lancaster received him with the serene and unruffled indifference with which she received all her admirers, and there were many.
  • The subject was a gruesome one, but, serene in her own love idyll, she had really paid very little attention to it.
  • I looked to see her face fall, to see sparks of anger flash from her eyes, or a great disappointment cloud the serene beauty of her countenance.
  • Inform the most serene King of Portugal in regard to these entire proceedings, for it is the truth.
  • Guessing at the way it had gone, she went into the room where her father sat placidly smoking, and trying to look wondrous, serene and innocent.
  • By them I write to the said most serene King as you will observe in the copy of the letter enclosed herein.
  • When out, there is the serene pleasure of silent stroll upon the vast expanse, the inspiring solitude beyond which there is only Sea.
  • Her dark little head was carried with all the serene pride of a lady of quality; her features were clear cut, mobile, and absolutely flawless.

Definition of Serene

Peaceful, calm, unruffled. | Without worry or anxiety; unaffected by disturbance. | (archaic) fair and unclouded (as of the sky); clear; unobscured.
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