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  • Where did this serpent come from?
  • Where did the serpent come from?
  • How did the serpent learn the same language?
  • She had the tongue of a serpent and a vicious temper.
  • If this is so, why should the serpent have been cursed?
  • The serpent is the only animal that receives worship.
  • A serpent in wisdom and cunning to do good.
  • What! wouldst thou have a serpent sting thee twice?
  • Zeus adopted the shape of a serpent in his amour with his daughter.
  • Hence it is said his posterity bore the serpent and child as their ensign.
  • This serpent was supposed to be animated by the soul of Ericthonius.
  • Schwartz conjectures that the serpent is the lightning and Athene the cloud.
  • If ever there was a serpent in a human body, there's one in that man of yours.

How To Use Serpent In A Sentence?

  • But the trail of the serpent is everywhere found, even in this sequestered spot.
  • She was not surprised to hear a serpent talk, as that was the first one she had ever met.
  • His murder of the serpent was more or less resented by the Delphians of the time.
  • It seemed indeed some demon tree of the swamps; a vegetable serpent that fed on men.
  • The heart of the serpent being close to the head, renders a severe "bruise" there fatal.
  • Earrings also, made of meteoric iron, have been found, and a serpent cut out of mica.
  • Stellione-serpent, a serpent with the head of a weasel, borne by the name of Baume.
  • It has always been a mystery to me how Adam, Eve, and the serpent were taught the same language.
  • They churned it with Mount Mandara for a staff and the serpent Hasuki for a cord.
  • It is also conjectured that the snake is only the sacred serpent of the older oracle of the earth on the same site.
  • If it bore only the appearance of a serpent it was a deception, and could not rise above the dignity of legerdemain.
  • What was the form of the serpent when he entered the garden, and in what way did he move from place to place?
  • Here, too, it is told how Ra smote Apap, the serpent of evil, the Egyptian Ahi.
  • That we may the more easily recognize the historian, a serpent is dropping from him, hieroglyphically.
  • Through many of the versions runs the idea that the slaying of the serpent was a deed which required purification and almost apology.
  • A monstrous serpent entwines him, seizing him round the hind legs and the body with his enormous coils.
  • The python was a monstrous serpent which arose from the mud left after the flood in which Deucalion survived.
  • The image of the serpent is stamped upon every mythological fable connected with the realms of Pluto.
  • The shepherd then falls asleep; a serpent approaches and is about to strike him when a gnat, seeing the danger, stings him in time to save him.
  • The caduceus of Mercury was a rod adorned with wings, having a male and female serpent twisted about it, each kissing the other.
  • A serpent is under the feet of the Madonna, who is sitting on a throne; angels censing are on either side without the quatrefoil.
  • Then the serpent began to devour his prey; and, when gorged and helpless, behold, it was immediately fallen upon by two other snakes.
  • A fire-god, wind- and rain-gods, and the serpent hostile to man, on whom these made war, are common to both countries.
  • The serpent puzzle can be worked out in a number of ways by placing the head and tail at random and then endeavouring to connect them with the remaining pieces.
  • Upon the shields of Greek warriors, on ancient vases, &c., the serpent is often to be seen blazoned.
  • Qasavara is now a stone (like the serpent displayed by Zeus at Aulis), on which sacrifices are made.
  • They never stopped to eat food, they ate while they walked until they reached the Serpent Strip; the land of the leper race.

Definition of Serpent

(obsolete, intransitive) To wind or meander | (obsolete, transitive) To encircle. | A snake.
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