Servants In A Sentence

Definition of Servants

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of servant | plural of servant

How To Use Servants In A Sentence?

  • It is astonishing how little servants in the city know of the movements of their employers.
  • She took most of her servants with her, intending to make it her principal abode.
  • The young officers quitted their sofas, and even the servants crowded into the room.
  • I question whether he will have very many humble Servants left, when his Uncle dies.
  • Away they go to bathe; grow full of noise, As servants use, when masters are abroad.
  • Now two servants came in gay liveries, and carried the Fir Tree into a large, beautiful parlor.
  • A number of black slaves whom he had captured in the war were his servants and gave him every attention.
  • During his absence his servants availed themselves of the opportunity to assert their independence, which they did with much vigour.
  • She had forgotten the old chair, but now she remembered the very moment when the servants came to take it away.
  • She spoke not a word, and her countenance was as placid as the sea, until the servants left the room.
  • It is true she never stinted her servants in anything, but she seemed to weigh every morsel that went into her own mouth.
  • His house servants were obliged occasionally to work on the estate, and part of the pleasure grounds were ploughed up and devoted to husbandry.
  • The servants were efficient and unobtrusive, the accounts scrupulously kept, every nook and cranny clean and in order.
  • He used to attend here whenever any of the servants were ill, and I had intended to do something for the boy.
  • To sit on the sofa a whole evening between the wives of the burgomaster and the councilor, and talk about servants and betrothals, would kill me.
  • Women have been reproached with their love of gossiping about servants since time immemorial, and I do not know for how long before that.
  • With that they went in and found a great hall paved with marble slabs, and numbers of servants in attendance, who opened the great doors for them.
  • The King was very much offended at this conduct, and forbade his servants to appear in his presence in so unsuitable a dress.
  • If the justice allows all his servants to be as saucy as you, I can't say much for the gentleman.
  • He rang the bell, and the door was opened by an old coloured butler who had been one of the family servants of the Culpepers.
  • Immense sums of money were given to the servants of the company; Clive received for his share between two and three hundred thousand pounds.
  • And in the excitement of the chase he rode on and on until he became separated from his servants and attendants, and found himself in a part of the country where he had never been before.
  • He pretended that their servants in Wyndham Street had made game of her behind her back, and robbed her right and left.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Servants | Servants Sentence

  • You see what servants are!
  • No wonder servants laughed!
  • The servants shrunk back.
  • The servants gazed at me with curiosity and surprise.
  • In the morning the servants and the chambermaid came in.
  • It is a matter of principle with me to keep servants in their places.
  • He could not recollect whether he had seen his mother and the servants or not.
  • The domestic servants came pouring in, headed by the pantler.
  • Do not our household servants talk of sifting, straining, winnowing?
  • He was the sort of man who is adored by children, animals, servants and women.
  • At present, the servants are set above, defy, and tyrannize over the masters.
  • You see the servants must be paid, and my Robin must be comfy.
  • We would be told by his wretched servants that 'He is not in, call again!'.
  • She goes, bathes, then returns: Which done, the servants put her into bed.
  • But, Lord, Thy servants are revering The mild procession of thy day.
  • And now the King's son had it carried away by his servants on their shoulders.
  • I'll in, and charge the servants not to suffer The infant to be carried forth.

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