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  • What can we do immediately to serve you?
  • Will you serve me at this crisis?
  • The illustration will serve our turn.
  • They merely serve to embitter you.
  • Always rely on me when it is in my power to serve you.
  • So we old men should serve each other too.
  • I possibly may serve you.
  • The latter may be put to serve under you.
  • A few pounds would only serve to prolong his misery.
  • You sha'n't serve me as you served your mate.
  • Also, give me six boys, and serve out rifles.
  • What purpose is it designed to serve in the philosophy of the author?
  • In each an officer was elected to serve as house-commissary.
  • I'd serve you faithfully, sir.
  • Those also serve who only stand and wait' was our motto.
  • I sought to serve my fellow-men, and they have persecuted me from among them.
  • Any form of matter may serve as a transmitting medium for sound vibrations.
  • But it will serve Frank: it will serve me, who wish to serve you.
  • And mark how I will serve you!" ...
  • However well it might serve some purposes, it is misapplied by Dr. Channing.
  • Between them, he knew, they would manage to serve Joan's needs to the end.

How To Use Serve In A Sentence?

  • The smaller streets seemed to serve not only as thoroughfares but as workshops and stables.
  • May my candor serve as a pledge of my wish to discharge this debt at some future day!
  • Nothing would serve him but that he must dash over to Paris, to see her and Emily.
  • Now, gentlemen, I am ready to serve in any capacity, whether to lead or to follow.
  • Secondly, the sufferings of the innocent serve as a foil to set off and enhance the blessedness of eternity.
  • He did not apply for the commission of a brigadier-general; but was willing to serve in any capacity where he might be needed.
  • It is peculiarly hard on me to be a burden on any one, being accustomed rather to serve others than to be served by them.
  • During breakfast he stood at a respectful distance, speaking only when spoken to, and jumping to serve them.
  • Such a case is not usual, but an example of it will serve a useful purpose in fixing certain facts as to pitch.
  • Two other paths are at this time provided through the now horizontal armature flanges which serve almost to connect the two pole pieces.
  • Do not think that this is merely intended to serve as an introduction to the favor I am about to ask of you.
  • Let this serve as a hint to all haberdashers, who have pretty daughters for shop-girls, and young students for customers.
  • The drops in such switchboards are commonly high wound and left permanently bridged across the line so as to serve as clearing-out drops.
  • The plan is frequently adopted, therefore, of having the operation of the generator serve to cut its own bell out of the circuit.
  • Not one opponent has suggested, or can suggest, any other animal form that can serve as our nearest ancestor than the ape.
  • There was one thing at least which might favor his projects, and which, at any rate, would serve to amuse him.
  • Brant was ready for almost any work that might be of service to his king, but he was at first reluctant to serve under Butler.
  • As the scheme was unfolded, the war-scarred chief of the Mohawks saw that he was meant to serve under this youth of small experience.
  • Forgive my intrusion, and let me know if I can in any way serve you in return, which it would give me much pleasure to do.

Definition of Serve

(personal) To provide a service. | (transitive, archaic) To treat (someone) in a given manner. [from 13thc.] | (transitive, archaic) To be suitor to; to be the lover of. [from 14thc.]
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