Served In A Sentence

Definition of Served

simple past tense and past participle of serve

How To Use Served In A Sentence?

  • Likewise, the district which is served by a complete exchange is called an exchange district.
  • His thirst was prodigious, and he was continually served with young drinking nuts.
  • These oral inanities only served to make Lyn give me the benefit of a look of amused wonder.
  • With the latter regiment he served during the next six years in Washington Territory and Oregon.
  • Well, my grandfather, as I said, was a bold dragoon, and had served in the Low Countries.
  • They were determined that he should be served out in some way, and that he should be prevented from appearing at the meeting.
  • Tea that is served up at a temperature of forty degrees below the normal boiling point can never be very nice.
  • The district in a given community which is served by a single central office is called an office district.
  • Up to this point in this discussion it has been shown only how each battery served a single pair of connected lines and no others.
  • It is peculiarly hard on me to be a burden on any one, being accustomed rather to serve others than to be served by them.
  • By the time that dinner was served they were all in the most friendly humor possible and ready to enjoy the least excuse for laughter.
  • The pompous and magnificent introduction had led him to expect something wonderful in the story to which it served as a kind of avenue.
  • Ulric was still more surprised at being recognised under a disguise that had served him well so far; he could not speak for astonishment.
  • His countenance showed marks of dissipation, for he was a heavy drinker, and this served to further brutalize his nature.
  • She was a stout lady of about thirty-five years of age, the mother of the young man that served us as interpreter.
  • The banter which had served her with so much effect, which she had relied upon as her defensive weapon, was suddenly useless.
  • In the meantime a sumptuous breakfast was served aboard the American squadron and a conference of commanders held.
  • Some beautiful roses which filled an old china vase, and scarcely rivalled its colours, served for the subject of their conversation.
  • Salmon as served in Paris wears a different aspect from the one commonly worn by it when it appears upon the table here.
  • The shot served to break up the fight and scatter the herd, however, and we returned to the cottonwoods with the hind-quarter of a fat calf.
  • Some inherent dislike for anything that was not solid, that was not genuine, had served Vetch as a kind of aesthetic discrimination.
  • He was a fearless, honest, loyal, and simple-hearted soldier, who served the nation with entire fidelity and devotion.
  • They had served notice to Humanity that it had no laws which the German army and navy felt bound to respect.
  • Before the loss of the Essex, he had served as acting-lieutenant on board the Atlantic, an armed prize.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Served | Served Sentence

  • It had served its purpose.
  • He is an intelligence served by organs.
  • The breeze served us admirably.
  • It served somehow to clear her mind.
  • Christmas dinner was served in another part of the studio.
  • You sha'n't serve me as you served your mate.
  • She had served the tin gods in temples of gold and jade.
  • It was she, in a word, who served as domestic scapegoat.
  • Later on he very probably served in the Mahsud blockade.
  • He served with Barry until promoted to a lieutenancy.
  • He has served me well, these many, many years.
  • All these difficulties served but to give zest to the adventure.
  • They now served as chairs on either side of his plank table.
  • Our soldiers who served against the Mexicans found this out too well.
  • He had long served in Satan's army, and had worked well for him.
  • The general's grandfather served through the Revolutionary War.
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