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  • They served with you.
  • It should be served with cream.
  • Waffles were served with the catfish.
  • Catsup should always be served with eggplant.
  • Who was she to be served with this respect and rapidity?
  • This is served with every meal.
  • It should be served with powdered sugar.
  • Before this the boys had been served with breakfast.
  • He served with a loyal heart.
  • Cream is never served with a demi-tasse.
  • In actions against her he must be served with the suit.
  • These are particularly nice served with stewed apricots.
  • It is first come first served with these madams.
  • The timbale may also be served with an olive sauce.
  • Ham rushers may be served with spinach and poached eggs.
  • It may be served with the sauce either plain or daubed.
  • But I have lived and served with them.
  • There we are served with a dinner in Chinese style.
  • He served with Barry until promoted to a lieutenancy.
  • Money had served with Wetter; it would not serve here.
  • Cereals should not be served with syrups or butter and sugar.
  • I served with 'Old Rosey' in West Virginia for a time.
  • She has been served with a subpoena to give evidence at the trial.
  • This was served with bread and it was deep red in colour and very spicy.
  • We were served with a modest luncheon in a room behind the kitchen.
  • A piece of sausage is now served with the evening tea or coffee.
  • The meat from the soup is served with a variety of sauces and gravies.
  • They should be served with beef juice or with cream rather than with butter.
  • He was free from self-regard, and had the devotion of all who served with him.
  • Some there are who like maple syrup or molasses served with fried mush.
  • The journalist found his breakfast and his dinner served with a sort of luxury.
  • The tea was iced and served with lemon and mint in tall glasses.
  • They came into an inn, where they were served with supper in an upper chamber.
  • This soup is very rich and nutritious, and should be served with light dinners.
  • Green corn, cut from the ear and served with butter and pepper.
  • The closing course should be hot cakes served with honey or maple syrup.
  • They are very nice served with a tomato sauce, but good without it.
  • Lord Zouche served with the Rough Riders; Surgeon-Capt.

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  • The book is published privately for those who served with us and others interested.
  • Russian coffee is heavy and black and is frequently served with a slice of lemon.
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