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  • This serves as a nacelle.
  • At present it serves as a field-hospital.
  • Which serves very well, why very well.
  • He serves thee truly in a wondrous fashion.
  • It serves him right, the beast.
  • Tis Nishikiyama who serves Kibei Dono.
  • A rod of carbon dipping into the melted salt serves as the anode.
  • The telephone receiver itself serves a useful purpose as an audible signal.
  • A small hole in the wall outside each stall serves for cooking.
  • That is the good head, which serves the end, and commands the means.
  • The same Room serves also for the Balls, when there are any at Court.

How To Use Serves In A Sentence?

  • The mixture of cyanides so resulting serves most of the purposes of the pure salt.
  • The wearing out of an old serves only to put them upon the invention of a new delusion.
  • The diaphragm thus serves as the front electrode and the carbon block as the rear electrode.
  • An occasional coincidence serves to lend prestige to such simple and perfectly natural dreams.
  • True, the adoption of an absolutist frame of reference serves many useful purposes.
  • It serves to show the careful way in which the Egyptians constructed their works.
  • Of course I do not know whether it is true or not; but it serves as an illustration.
  • Her smile serves but to veil untold sorrows, anxiety for the future, even heartrending cares.
  • And nothing serves better to shirk it than to adopt the conclusion that man knows nothing of God.
  • The changes which a future day may bring, And serves the childless king, because he must.
  • Look after her, I pray thee, for her own sake, and for the sake of Him she serves so well.
  • The Paris-Lyon-Mediterranee railway serves the department, its main line passing through Dijon.
  • It serves also for the burial of the soldiers of the army, and the ministrations for the royal hospital.
  • Perhaps the ocean serves as a galvanic battery to distribute acids at one pole, and alkalies at the other.
  • As accountant serves the oldest royal official, according to the terms of the above cited royal provision.
  • This key is really a part of the listening key and serves to open this locking circuit whenever the listening key is operated.
  • This low-resistance path across the line serves to hold the relay armature attracted and also to furnish current to the transmitter for talking.
  • The sand serves to give body to the mortar and makes it porous, so that the change into carbonate can take place throughout the mass.
  • One room serves as eating-room for the whole mission party, at present six in number, and as drawing-room and workroom.
  • The base of the furnace is provided with a large block of carbon A, which serves as one of the electrodes.
  • Almost all other so-called Non-rigid vessels distribute the load by means of a long girder which also serves as a car.
  • It has more cleanly habits; it is more beautiful; it serves a more useful purpose; it brings its owner less often to the doors of death.
  • Ponneryn, a good redoubt, serves as a place from where to watch the doings of the Wannias and to protect the inhabitants from invasions.
  • The wild pink provides food for the bee, the lily serves as a drinking-cup for the birds, the large dandelion is the see-saw of the butterflies.
  • It has been stated that the same operation which selects the party wanted also serves to give that party the use of the line and to lock the others off.
  • The new Constitution only serves to supply that restless people with new means, at least new modes, of cherishing their turbulent disposition.
  • For every one who teaches men to seek their salvation in any manner and to any degree in their own works serves not Christ, but Antichrist.
  • The diaphragm thus serves as a translating device, changing the energy carried by the molecules of the air into localized oscillations of the matter of the diaphragm.
  • It is interesting to note in this case that the left-hand battery serves only the left-hand lines and the right-hand battery only the right-hand lines.

Definition of Serves

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of serve | plural of serve
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