Serving In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Serving | Serving Sentence

  • He was serving in the ranks over there.
  • Takeo was serving the wine.
  • He is serving his time now.
  • He was serving his second term.
  • Stirring it while hot over the salad and serving at once.
  • All his life he had dreamed of serving her.
  • Art is here plainly serving a purpose.
  • But yet he has been a serving man.
  • What was to prevent my serving them with tea?
  • They are serving human need.
  • Evidently they were used to serving countrymen.
  • Martha was concerned about the serving of the meal.
  • The serving class is what we should call abject.
  • I am a serving woman of good lineage.
  • You avoid the nuisance of serving on juries.
  • He was serving his apprenticeship doggedly and faithfully.
  • No one prevents you from serving the country.
  • This is a delicious way of serving tomatoes.
  • He also got off serving on the jury.
  • They were serving tea and having a prayer-meeting.
  • We continued serving and pouring out coffee.
  • He sought out opportunities and occasions for serving him.
  • Denewulf was busily serving the guests with mead.
  • It lacked nothing but the serving of dinner.
  • Ten or fifteen minutes before serving add noodle.
  • Yet he insists upon serving it twice a day.
  • No priest would have a traditional way of serving him.
  • Is that what you call serving our noble and austere cause?
  • Pertaining to respiration; serving for respiration.
  • Kerk chewed pensively on the second serving of steak.
  • Her sailors were away serving in the merchant marine.
  • And there is a restaurant serving extremely good meals.
  • Just before serving add a cup of whipped cream.
  • She came near serving us an ugly trick.
  • It consists in giving, and in serving others.

How To Use Serving In A Sentence?

  • What say you to serving his majesty, my lad?
  • This convict was pardoned after serving twenty-five years.
  • It was the serving boy who gave us the timely warning.
  • One hour before serving prepare the dough for pot pie.
  • He was repeatedly imprisoned, serving nine years in all.

Definition of Serving

That or who serves or serve. | present participle of serve | (uncountable) The action of the verb to serve.
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