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  • Now we are settled in the train.
  • It was all settled in a few minutes.
  • And now here he was again settled in the vineyard.
  • That was settled in the constitution.
  • She had it all settled in a minute.
  • I had settled in my new lodging.
  • Jack had become settled in life.
  • Are you comfortably settled in town?
  • His estate was settled in 1723.
  • I had settled in my own mind was the kitchen.
  • Many things had been settled in that few minutes.
  • How has this question been settled in some states?
  • He lived and died settled in his mind.
  • The matter could not be settled in a moment.
  • He was at this time far from being settled in life.
  • The thing was settled in higher quarters.
  • The business was easily settled in some counties.
  • I had settled in my own mind the import of the passage.
  • I have this matter pretty well settled in my own mind.
  • How many destinies were settled in that short time!
  • They are settled in an even, contented round.
  • I had no plain sisters or cousins to get settled in life.
  • The old trainer raised his hand as he settled in his seat.
  • When they were thoroughly settled in, lessons began.
  • This, however, has been settled in the affirmative.
  • A branch of them settled in Wales.
  • He settled in London in 1845.
  • He settled in Leyden in 1648.
  • He settled in the Colony and married there.
  • Great numbers of Irish are settled in this place.
  • Not many of this class have settled in the North.
  • This matter, however, was settled in after-years.
  • He settled in Hull, in 1633.
  • We settled in Menton where we remained for several years.
  • Then he settled in Philadelphia, and became a merchant.

How To Use Settled In In A Sentence?

  • For a thousand years no foreign host had settled in Erin.
  • Rich beyond all fear of want, she settled in Paris.
  • I settled in Moscow, and remained there four years.
  • They settled in Lancaster County.
  • Wal, sir, I was settled in a jiffy.
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