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  • George had settled into the backfield.
  • Then they settled into aches at all the extremities.
  • The bridge settled into place.
  • Then gradually he settled into his chair again.
  • The village settled into peace.
  • Instead it settled into a steady drizzle.
  • She had settled into a composure as determined as his own.
  • At last his features settled into decision.
  • She laughed mockingly as he settled into the saddle.
  • His face had settled into its customary lines.
  • The shuttle settled into a metal rack.
  • It then settled into its dull diapason of maudlin voices.
  • The mass of it had not yet settled into permanent form.
  • Her changeful face had settled into a depth of soberness.
  • We settled into a milder theocracy after he left us.
  • His face settled into lines of brooding recollection.
  • His heavy face settled into stubborn lines.
  • The eyes glowed, the mouth settled into swift purpose.
  • By noon the rain had settled into a dull, steady downpour.
  • He pushed his chair back from her and settled into it wearily.
  • But her countenance settled into a harsh and unlovely expression.
  • Both men felt rebuked and the group again settled into silence.
  • Then the blue army settled into the earth and folded into the ravines.
  • But it was a deep trench and the front of the car had settled into the earth.
  • Then her face settled into an astonished yet astute calm and wariness.
  • The boy's cherub mouth settled into firm lines.
  • His hand, as he settled into place, rested on one of these very monograms.
  • DeVoe flung off his fur coat and settled into an easy-chair.

How To Use Settled Into In A Sentence?

  • By degrees this frenzied fever of remorse settled into a permanent malady of the mind.
  • But she did not look happy in those things she had settled into; she looked patient.
  • The incidents and emotions of the past night had settled into distinct and clear impressions.
  • As it stood there the downpour moderated, and finally settled into a gentle shower.
  • The barn and the sheds had settled into the landscape, the carriage-house cut into it.
  • The speed rose to eighty and steadied as the car settled into its place in the traffic pattern.
  • He has large mobile features, which have here settled into an expression of genial repose.
  • They settled into their new life like two children who had known each other a long time.
  • Jessie read it bewildered; but at last her features settled into a look of astonishment.
  • Roger let his pipe go out and his face settled into lines that added ten years to his age.
  • Sixty new members were admitted into the church, and things settled into the old state.
  • And then a similar piece settled into clanging routine on another door; then on the remaining two.
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